New Borderlands Game Set To Be Announced Soon

Funny how some people are still like “I don’t care what gearbox are making, I’ll preorder and pay full price”.
No wonder games makers seem to think they can release whatever half-formed crud they like and still sell it.
Fully agree about waiting before buying.


It might be hard to believe for some - but plenty of people enjoy BL3. Some even prefer it to BL2 (oh, the horror!).

Back on topic:


“BeChaoticGreat” sure sounds like more Bunkers’n’Badasses style TTAoDK content. I wonder if it will connect with the physical version they released at all?


The idea of TTAoDK as a full scale game intrigues me June 10th can’t come soon enough

Oh no, I’m aware that some people enjoy it. I loved it until mayhem 2.0.
It’s not that people might be interested in - and consider paying for - future releases that I was commenting on, but the fact that some people are basically saying they’ll pay full price for something they literally know NOTHING about. We don’t even have a confirmed name, let alone any details on gameplay or content, and people would preorder it right now.
Even if you trust gearbox, I find it odd that someone wouldn’t want to know more first.

Given the huge number of recent releases that have been broken as hell - even to the point of being unplayable - the games industry needs players to demand higher standards, or else those in charge of the money will keep pushing worse and worse games out the door.


God Tiny Tina is the most obnoxious character in all of Borderlands. If she gets a whole entire game around her it’s going to be the absolute worst.

They gave Claptrap a role with abilities. And everyone hates that guy. Tina will be fine.

On serious note, already seeing clickbait articles of “Tina’s Wonderland” and how it can correct BL3 mistakes.

Oof. I know a lot of people have been practically begging for that but if that’s the direction it’s going I’m probably out as far as day 1 purchases go.

Yes, I preordered the physical Bunkers and Badasses game but that’s more because I was interested in playing a tabletop version of Borderlands than making BnB style campaigns.


Genuinely or ironically? I thought it was ironically.

Not a defense against Tina, who I disagree about being obnoxious mind you.

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The more I hear about this game, the more optimistic I am? I hope I’ll like it!

It looks like the D&D theme is confirmed, which I’m eeeeh about. But if the skill trees, gameplay, and story are good this time around I’m open to it!

Just thinking, but if they go down the pre-sequel route, we’re looking at a game with the same engine, but 4 (or maybe 6) new characters that are either totally new or existing NPCs. Probably no siren, but some other ideas based on technology that’s almost magic. Plus some new concepts, like lasers, cryo and slam were.
So, Ellie, Moxxi, Fiona, Balex, dr Zed, Pickle, Lorelei, Clay, Veronica and a bunch of others are all possibilities, I guess.
It’d be funny if they make a playable Goliath character, though. :laughing:


Oh man, I hope there’s no siren tbh. It might be good to do away with having a siren every game especially with how relevant they’ve become.


We actually know quite a bit (speaking for myself here) - it’s supposedly another installment in a looter (and most likely shooter) genre set in a Borderlands universe, given that Tiny Tina is there etc.

That is quite enough for many, given our previous exposure to 4 existing Borderlands games.

Now, if it turns out that this is actually a deck-building card game, RTS spinoff, retro platformer, or a racing simulator - I don’t think you’ll hear ‘take my money’ cries. Even if it’s Tales 2 - I’m not itching for that one.

And as far as paying full price on release date vs. waiting out few months to save 20$ - everyone is free to make that trade off. For me the wait is not worth the savings.


@hovismetaphor55 @gelboy

If it really is another BnB game a Siren would be possible because she would just be a class inside the (BnB)game, a made up character from Tiny Tina that has no impact on the past or future lore.

Basically just a renamed mage, which would be fitting.


Clearly to me, it looks like a return to the world of TTAoDK. I’d guess there would be a narrative framework in the game that works it into the canon of Borderlands like that DLC did (the characters playing B&B and Tina dealing with Roland’s death) but for the most part you’re in that fantasy world.

(Return of the Handsome Sorcerer anyone?)

One thing that crosses my mind is that due to the Pandemic and the Texas weather calamities our expectations for Fustercluck and the season pass 2 content were justifiably lowered. We were informed that the pandemic put GBX in a position where they were not operating at full capacity, and as such we might have received a diminished product.

So, here we are, and we’ve been made aware that some of the content we’ve received was planned prior to release, but withheld. Eista does mention Hemovorous in DLC 2 when speaking with Hammerlock over the Echo when they meet. So the name of the Raid Boss was in place to coincide with the physical appearance of the Raid boss that was spotted in press coverage pre-release.

Krieg’s involvement and the potential for a DLC based on his character was also hinted at and sussed out early on.

So that just leaves me wondering, how long has this new project been in development? Was it in development concurrently with BL3, or is it possibly something that was at one point going to be included, but has now been expanded upon?

If the BL3 development cycle is closing after the Vault Cards, the life cycle of this game will have been just past two years, with six months of that being Exclusive to Epic for PC owners. And with cross-play being spoken of before release, but only arriving so close to the end of the second year, that aspect of the game will definitely be under-served.

So, I definitely get the feeling this potential spinoff will be in the Tales/ Presequel category of brand-extending release. Presequel was a full game that felt like an expansion campaign due to its singular focus. If they can deliver a Fun game that doesn’t suffer from cringe inducing humor, I won’t begrudge the experience. If they can launch it with cross-play active out the box and all the co-op fixes we’ve been promised that will also be a positive step forward.

If those things aren’t in place, it will make me wonder why? If the latest refinements to the game engine and shift system aren’t in the game I’ll suspect that it is the product of gestating development that may have been intended for BL3 initially.

How many big ones can there be after all?

Big One Part Two


honestly i would buy whatever borderlands fps game but unless we are getting that “the war is coming” thing i will be very disappointed

taugher trash mobs next game gearbox tougher trash mobs trust me on this

Apparently, there were some TTAoDK-style assets in the BL3 files that ended up being left unused. I have no idea whatsoever what the GBX development workflow/roadmap looks like but my guess is that there was some Tina stuff they were developing that was originally intended for BL3 but then set aside as the project moved along, but then later they decided to expand on it and create a whole separate game out of it.

I imagine it’s probably been in development for some time now. There are a bunch of level designers, artists, sound people, etc working at GBX and what else could have they been doing since BL3’s release, aside from the few that have been assigned to the post-launch BL3 content?


So, from a workforce pov they said that a majority of the studio was working on BL3’s DLC after the game released. There were originally 4 teams, one per DLC. Assuming that after completing their DLC each team was basically free to shift over to work on the next title, that would mean that we could expect the start of full development around the release of DLC2, so end of march 2020, with half the workforce, enough for early production and asset creation.

The next “big one”, which will likely be BL4 and not what we will have to be revealed at E3, is probably in full production since march 2020. Now considering that they started with only a portion of their team the game will probably only have around 9 months of usual full force dev work done, at most. This obviously is still just an assumption, but one made on usual structural shifts in the industry.

The wildcard here is the Embracer Group or rather their cash. How much this influences the game and how much - if at all - it influenced the work on TTW (Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands) we will never know for sure. TTW will probably be a rather medium-sized game, similar to what vanilla TPS was to vanilla BL2. Also, it will almost certainly not be developed by Gearbox’s main studio, but one of the other Gearbox studios.

Call me a smartass but it looks exactly like I foretold when people started speculating about the future of Borderlands after the merger with Embracer. From now on we should expect at least 1 smaller/spin-off game after each mainline entry, probably 2 after this cycle, with more Borderlands sidegames to come to different platforms, like mobile. Embracer are positively conservative with their games, which should boost confidence as we should be safe from a potential lootbox-hell, at least when it comes to console/PC games.

But this could also mean that Gearbox might now push more towards other demographics with their spin-offs to broaden the mass appeal of the franchise as a whole. That could be great, it could be horrible, but for the hardcore longtimers it might at the very least be strange.



Wanting to see the “War” foretold in TPS is one thing, but given the Ava Mysteries points to Causality and Predestination being disrupted, heck even the Guardian Takedown hints at shifting between realities…

What if the premise of this new game/ spin-off embraces the idea of Dimension/ Multiverse Hopping that Lilith’s Phasewalk ability introduced in Borderlands 1, and the Guardian lore has brought back up by way of the Mayhem core and other recent revelations in-game? What if this new game is the “Big One” because the driving premise will be “What would Tina do if she was given the power to hop from universe to universe and interact with friends and loved ones she’s lost, other versions of herself, and versions of people she has a bone to pick with?” What kind of stories/game would that amount to? Spinning a trilogy out of that would be enough to produce another trilogy of imaginative games and also tie into the main continuity because the principle motivation could be looking through dimensions to find Lilith.