New Borderlands Game Set To Be Announced Soon

Hear me out: Borderlands Tactical RPG.


Who knows… Well, we will in ~2 days or so. Tactical RPGs never did it for me, though.

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I only got into them recently. XCOM is the big one in that genre and I’ve never even played it!

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If they do anything close to Southpark: The Stick of Truth I gonna cream myself. I’m really no strategy guy, but over the top as hell stuff like that hits a niche that just works somehow.

And yes, that would be a MASSIVE shift from the usual FPS gameplay, but funny enough, there are more than enough abilities in the franchise to support most modern RPG gameplay styles, may it be turnbased, isometric, ATB-style or ARPG. Even an MMO would be possible, although I don’t think that it fits Gearbox’s abilities as Developer too well, but it’s always possible to fix that by hiring specialists of the genre. And hey, Blizzard is currently bleeding talent, so why not headhunt over there? But I’m getting off track.

Anyway the possibilities of the Borderverse are pretty much endless.


There will never be another SP:TSOT . . .

I’m european, tell me about it xD

But sarcasm and unnecessary censorship aside TSOT really is special and while I loved the Fractured but Whole, its comedy was a step down from TSOT for me, even considering that most of the best scenes from TSOT are either heavily censored or outright removed in the original european - and especially the german - release (those who know the game or german censorship know exactly what they censored).

But just imagine those types of games as part of the Borderlands universe. There is a lot of potential and a lot of material to work with.


It depends on what it is, but if it’s using the BL3 engine, and plays similarly to that, I’m in on Day One, unless pricing is ridiculous. Even though BL3 wasn’t as much fun for me as BL2, it still was one of the best gaming experiences I’ve had. So I’m still in.

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It`ll have more bugs than the local swamp!

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It seems to be of the same genre and rough gameplay style as the BL3, so I would assume that it’s an FPS like most of the Borderlands games.



I’m going to retain my excitement until it launches, but I truly HOPE it is as good as I want it to be.

So, is the main change that while in Borderlands we had an occasional gun that would shoot swords/knives or had a bayonet, now we will have swords that shoot bullets or have guns attached to them?


Edit: come to think of it, makes perfect sense - makes dealing with dragons much easier.

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I want a sword that shoots bullets and a gun that can only be used to melee . . .


We’ve come full circle, it seems: what started as “Diablo with guns” now branched into “Borderlands with swords”.

I fully expect Blizzard to retaliate and make a looter shooter now.

Jokes aside, looks intriguing. I’ll get it.


Shields might actually be . . . Shields

It’s as expected, which means that many will dislike it because it’ll be all about Tina, especially her younger self, which is far more obnoxious than her “grown-up” self.

I’m intrigued, but I really don’t know if Tina can sustain a whole game on her own. Let’s just hope she can.

Edit: For clarification, by that I mean the character of Tiny Tina, not her actress. Ashly Burch has long proven herself to be capable of holding a game together. Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn is the perfect example for that. I just don’t know if Tiny Tina has enough substance to herself to keep the player entertained while not becoming tiring.


I strongly suspect that we won’t be playing as Tiny Tina, so if she’s going to hold it together just like in TTAODK (sp?), then it’s probably fine.

After all we survived constant badgering from Tyreen/Troy in BL3 , never mind continuous ‘talk to Lilith’ stuff - I think I can handle several Tiny Tinas at this point.

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That’s got a name already: Godfall.

It also has the same amount of style and substance of BL3, too much of the former, little of the latter.

Joking aside, one would think that BL3 is already up to spec and reasonably balanced that Gearbox should be thinking in a spin off already… Spoiler alert: it is not!

Also, Tiny Tina as the central character of Borderlands content has been done already, and it worked. Wonderfully. Are we seriously expecting the same level from a writing staff that brought us the Calypsos and Ava?

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Well, I’m glad people are happy, but this is definitely not for me.


I agree, but I hope it’ll bring forth some QoL improvements and new mechanics that might carry into future installments.