New Borderlands Game Set To Be Announced Soon

Here’s some more information I got on Wonderlands from Joltzdude139’s latest YouTube video.

  • Vault Hunters are customizable, presumably meaning you get to create your own character

  • Melee weapons will be in the game (there will also be some form of spell casting)

  • The game has been in development for the last 10 years according to Randy Pitchford

  • Tina is 13 years old in the game, meaning chronologically this game will take place after Borderlands 2 but before Borderlands 3

  • Releasing in Q1 2022


Well that’s a good sign!

He’s obviously speaking in hyperbole since Borderlands 2 isn’t even 10 years old yet and I doubt they were working on this before Attack on Dragon Keep.

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I was thinking the same thing myself

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Vault hunters being customisable doesn’t really tell us much. Could be appearance, like previous games, but more so, or could be more about what skills and stuff they have.
I feel like the magic system might just be a re-formation of action skills, though, with the ability to choose your spell and cast it at any time, with a cooldown, rather than some kind of mana system. Guess we’ll see.
Interesting that they’re finally adding melee weaponry. Never understood why it couldn’t be a thing in borderlands, so I guess this is them testing the water. Hope it isn’t like lasers in TPS, which were a cool addition that then got largely cut for the next game.

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2021 counts as two years, so it has been 10 years!

Joking aside, (1) it’s close enough at this point and (2) since writers, designers and artists aren’t necessarily doing that much on a game in the period before launch, it is technically possible that they started work on this 10 years ago, and tackled it on and off between other projects.

Not that I’m completely ruling out hyperbole, you understand - that’s still a possibility too!

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Yeah he probably just meant “the better part of ten years.” Like I can totally see that they enjoyed Dragon’s Keep and have wanted to do different things with fantasy concept. That’s why they’re putting out the tabletop version .

Not even a little bit in my opinion. I was fine with her teen antics. I HATE her grown up portrayal.


I like both of them very much, but from what I’ve heard many seem to prefer her adult self. She is still crazy, but she isn’t as “random” anymore. Her behavior seems to follow more of a clear pattern. Either way I’m very curious how she will be portrayed and if any canon things happen in this game or if this ends up being a giant round of Bunkers and Badasses where we play the in-game characters?

Honestly I’m looking forward to this. One of my complaints with Borderlands 3 is that it didn’t attempt to stray too much from the formula. In Wonderlands, we have spell-casting, melee weapons, and fully customizable characters. That’s enough for me to be optimistic. I don’t like western fantasy, but if the story and gameplay is great I think I’ll enjoy it.

I just hope that “multi-class heroes” tagline means they are putting good skill tree design as a priority. I hope the gameplay systems are actually mechanically interesting and not the point and click adventure/press F for God Mode gameplay we have in BL3.

I like this decision. BL2 Tina is much more memorable because of how good her character design is. It’s also much more fitting for this type of game.


Seeing that it was announced for PS4 and X-Box One and all the issues that people had with BL3 on those consoles, I kind of hope this game is on the TPS engine, but with some of the mechanical advances in movement and gunplay from BL3’s. If not, I dread what’s to come.


Kind of agree.

BL2 Tina had higher highs, because of her character arc in Assault of Dragon Keep and some of her jokes were pretty funny, but she also had lower lows, where the jokes didn’t land and she came off as extremely cringeworthy and a “lolsorandom” character, which made her insuferable at times.

BL3 Tina is way more subdued in that regard, and her outbursts follow a more logical train of thought which makes her a lot more bearable, but she also isn’t as funny for the most part. I never found her portrayal or B-Team as a whole to be bad really, they felt perfectly fine.

BL3 runs fine on my original XB1, it’s the 4K versions of that gen that seem to suffer the most. Hopefully lessons have been learned from that. I don’t know if it would be possible to go back to UE3 at this point - GBX would have to maintain two separate development pipelines, tools, licencing, etc. to do that. I guess we’ll find out in 2022.


Looking at TT in the trailer, it appears to me that her age is somewhere between BL2 and 3, although closer to 3. I hope that is case.

I’m glad to see that Burch will be doing her voice but hope it falls somewhere closer to the BL2 TT, who I thought was so much more interesting than the BL3 TT.

Either way, I’m jazzed about it just because it smacks of TTAoDK. I’ll be there on day one to dive in despite knowing hazards may lie beneath the surface.

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