New Borderlands Ideas Discussion (OPEN OPINIONS)

So I’ve played Borderlands for quite some years now, since Borderlands first came out.
You re-introduced what is yet lost in the multiplayer and online series, splitscreen.
Though I have not tried it with the new releases, I assume you have kept that the same at least.

I’ve always loved the same way borderlands felt, the story, the humor and 4th wall breaks.
That should stay.
What would be cool, is a story that changes due to player interaction, such as the recent Undertale game has done.
Yeah, Yeah. Undertale, we’ve heard enough about it. Don’t worry, I won’t ‘fangirl’ over it.

What I mean is, maybe the player doesn’t want to be the hero the entire time.
What if he wants to be a bandit, mercenary, bad guy, neutral?
I mean, no complaining here. Being the hero is fun, but what makes you want to DO is a playstyle most massive multiplayer online games do all the time. They make you feel useless, unable to change the world around you. Say, Elite Dangerous; you can’t just become a Syndicate, Leader, God, Elite Combat, or anything with the mass million players who are wanting to do the exact same thing as you. But the game does change through player interaction.
It makes you feel worthless among how many players there are, but you’re still useful in the game even if many players are trying to do the same.

Not saying you should make it Massively Online, or could you? That actually kinda sounds cool.
Anyways, what I’m saying is that players could have more interaction with the game.
You already have a GREAT story covered, why not have a little fun?
This way, players can feel more into the story - they can FEEL that story because THEY the player has created it.
Not just some Vault Hunter, who are not them, creating the story for them (not that it’s bad, still a great story).
The Vault Hunter is YOU, the PLAYER. The Bandit King is YOU, the PLAYER. You just have to have the right determination to change what’s around you. You need the right motivation to change what you want to change, and keep what you want to keep.


sigh, anyways. What’s your idea, suggestion, opinion for a new Borderlands sequel?
This is an open suggestion page.