New Borderlands Inspired Tattoo

Hey guys, i thought I’d like to share with you a new Tattoo I have gotten inspired by Borderlands.

So just some clarification, I didn’t get the tattoo just because I like the game. I got it because when I was younger, I was bullied a lot at school. but the thing was, when I got home, no matter how much of a bad day i had, I just sat down and played Borderlands for a bit, and I was all better again.
this game got me through all the bad days I have had in my life. and so I designed it after a shield from the game, because in reality, it was my shield to all the negatives.

TL;DR Bullied in School, Borderlands kept things positive, designed as a shield.


That’s pretty snazzy and a cool idea.



Yea, this pretty rad, @Horizonz! Thanks for sharing the pic and the story. I’m passing this along to the team so they can check it out!


That is amazing. A piece to be proud of!


Dude you are hardcore


Thanks everyone for the great replies, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one that loves it.

And thanks @joekgbx, it’ll be awesome for the whe team to know how much the awesome hard work they put into a game can affect someone’s life.


Well, I wish someone had recorded my reaction to this.

To put my opinion of this in words: That tattoo is simply amazing.