New Bottomless Mags COM in new DLC

We’re getting a new bottomless mags COM. But as you can see it looks like there were skill tree changes made. The skill on the right is Click Click… which maxes out at 3/3. This shows 8/5. I wonder what else changes.

I also hope the 3rd skill is something good for non COV builds.


nice. hope changes is included in this patch, it will come out today, right?

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OoooOooooH me likey. The bonus corrosive damage will have to be pretty sizeable to tear me away from bloodletter’s huge damage boost tho.

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I really hope we get Redistribution as the 3rd skill. It would complement the Red Text effect nicely and if Click Click functions on the same mechanic as it does now then Redistribution would synergize there too. My only worry though is that might leave too many of Moze’s good coms boosting Redistribution. Considering we already have Marksman, Mind Sweeper and Blast master.


Whilst I love that this is a legendary com for the BM tree, on second look I worry for its general usefulness. Wish it were another skill rather than click click as using BM I rarely get down to less than 50% of the mag in my butcher and I kinda wish it were bonus rad or Cryo over corrosive. Might end up being a bit niche for this particular dlc and slaughter shaft?


I would actually not want Redistribution. Blast Master and Mind Sweeper both have Redistribution, already. I’d rather have Stoke the Embers. Give me the Multiplicative fire buff that could be used with either of the three fire skills in each tree. Plus if we use a Corrosive gun and never reload we can still do good damage for flesh enemies.

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If the third skill is something different, like Stoke the Embers or whatever, then just find a COM with out Click Click… But have this might boost any COV BM builds.

I’d go for Stoke the embers as the other skill for sure. I think redistribution doesn’t really need boosting - with the exception of if you aren’t going very far down the green tree as the combo of the mag size, Regen and free ammo skills in that tree is more than enough on most weapons. In that scenario though I don’t think I would use this com anyway.

I like the red text (would prefer in another element) though and it does fit well thematically.

That is so exciting and creates an all new playstyle. So bottomless mags Moze can be greek fire goddess(Corrosion and Incendiary damage). It’s no explosion related at all and thats bodes well for the future of class mods in this game

Very cool. I hope that it potentially opens the door for a roll on the element you get.

Also, as OP mentioned, click click is now an out-of-5 skill. I’m curious to see what else they’ve done with Moze’s skill tree. I’d imagine we’ll find out when this week’s patch drops.

Yes I mentioned that in the OP. I’m just curious if it’s a change or from an old build

I’d imagine it’s from the new build, as there’s no reason to see why they’re showing it off on an older run.

Purely because we’ve never seen a /5 click click before, if we had, then I’d imagine that we may be looking at an older build.

Could be something from Pre-Alpha. Maybe they made the item and wanted to wait until the DLC came to drop it.

That’s also pretty plausible. I guess I’m hoping for a shift-around of the skill tree so I’m biased haha

Oh, me too. Anything new with builds is almost always good.

I’m really hoping that we can roll different elements on this mod. But having seen the history of class mods in this game, I somewhat doubt that’s a reality.

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I don’t think many will go with this over 100% aoe damage that boosts all your dps.

This will arguably replace Marksman, though, especially if Redistribution is the third skill. Pretty unfortunate that it rolled with only two in the stream.

As someone who loves the BM tree the most, I want. I want to use Forge and my Shreddifer and just tear through everything.

Unfortunately, I’m not sure if they’ve changed anything except for pets this time around. They didn’t mention any changes to other skills.

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I would love a cryo based CoM, but imagine a fire one with all the fire boosting stuff moze has. Soooo much fire damage, and using that on my fire shuper shreddifier? Sounds so fun
Anything with red health should fear me