New Bottomless Mags COM in new DLC

Well, I haven’t seen anything posted about other skills beyond what affects Iron Bear, but that CoM is showing a 5 point maximum to Click, Click, so perhaps they have tweaked some skills or adjusted their maximum levels.

No it’s still 3/3 max.

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Well you don’t know how big the boost gets. Also, it’s bonus damage which is always multiplicative. The blast master increases your splash damage by 100%, which generally won’t double the splash you do, it just increases your base splash damage by 100%, the same way that a 100% bonus to gun damage just increases your base gun damage. Obviously base gun/splash/grenade/elemental etc all multiply with each other.

Bonus damage multiplies with the end result of all those calculations though.

To add further to the point, barring the flakker, mozes best weapons are not splash weapons, they are things such as the Butcher, Conference Call and to a lesser extent Shredifiers.

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Yup love the butcher.

Butcher has been wrecked in the patch

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How so?

Kicks really badly off the first shot or two. With no recoil control you’ll be looking at the sky by shot 5 or so.

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Massive recoil/reduced handling. Shooting a butcher now is like firing a tediore beam laser from TPS. If you also get terrified at the same time …

The boost would have to be massive since its most definitely not a multiplier. And most bonus’s like that are actually not., they do exactly what they say unless bugged. My guess is 1%/stack or so. To a max of 100% gun damage as bonus corrosive damage, not 100% corrosive damage boost like flesh melter. (Or 125% in its case).

It most definitely is multiplicative, bonus damage will always multiply with your total damage (although not other bonus damage multipliers)

Eg if your gun has 50% bonus damage for next two mags after action skill, your damage per shot will be 1.5 times what it was before activating action skill.

If a gun has 100% more weapon damage after action, that just adds 100% of your base damage on, it doesn’t take into consideration elemental damage modifiers, or splash damage multipliers, just adds to base damage.

Bonus damage is right at the end of the damage calculation and is generally the best damage boost you can get

is it possible that has to do with the guardian ranks being bugged? Some kind of reverse recoil bug?

I don’t think so as none of my other Hyperion guns are affected to the same degree.

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It had to be incendiary damage, why corrosive ?..

holy god - i just tried using a butcher. Why??? I really hope it’s a mistake and not a stealth nerf

Your missing the key note of weapon damage not just damage. This is always an additive.

The real damage in this mod comes from scorching rpms. The fire rate increase will sustain a lot more dps if ammo regen you have is sufficient. Then add more crit dam. If everything was a multiplier the damage would be exponential. They wouldn’t do it.

If it worked your way you would have to use a corrosive weapon to get any effect at all.

I’m aware it’s not all damage but a bonus to weapon damage. It’s a bonus to total weapon damage though not base damage.

Scorching rpms will add a max of about 30% more total gun damage when getting critical hits. 13% more fire rate than before as the 15% is additive with the initial 15%. Same deal with the crit damage. It will most likely be less as people have guardian ranks and possible stats on artifacts and class mods that effect crit damage and fire rate. Any additive damage essentially has diminishing returns.

No you wouldn’t have to have a corrosive weapon to get the benefit i’m describing, as the benefit already exists in anointments that say ‘On Action Skill End, the next two mags will have 50% additional bonus elemental damage’

Not really sure how else to put this across apart from just test it out. That gives your total weapon damage a second damage number that will be 1.5 x the number that it was before using your action skill, or the equivalent if you’re damaging a creature with strengths/weaknesses to that element.

The class mod works in a similar way

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Alright be stubborn. Let me know when you hit those 30k numbers from 209 damage weapon.
I mean if it’s the a FINAL multiplier if you hit without it you should then should be able pull at least double damage. How these formulas are confusing to you is you don’t seem to understand what multipliers do. They are added at the end of the algorithm all together, then applied applied. So for this even come close to blast master it would HAVE to work my way. If it didn’t, you couldn’t modify the base damage and then multiplier by the very few multipliers in game ( stoke the embers, but you HAVE to do incendiary damage, and the only other modifier that multiplies comes from gear. The % bonus damage is a final multiplier but only multiplies fire damage, not ALL damage. The multiplier would get stuck in an infinite loop of multiplying the bonus damage received as its continually corrosive and would never stop adding bonus corrosive damage as it’s bonus damage type is infinitely waiting for a multiplier that multiplies damage and then gets converted to corrosive so elemental projector is constantly adding bonus corrosive damage because the value is under an infinite loop of calculating corrosive damage to add the bonus that all corrosive damage gets. It might help if you read some of the posts involving damage calculation.

@mac2monster @Chap_Hammersmith

If your using a non splash weapon this would be better. I plan to fully do my CoV build when this new COM drops. I just need survival. The damage is huge and this COM would make it even better.

One thing of note is it doesn’t say it resets when you reload. So it might have a different stacking method than Blast Master.

Hopefully it is better for non splash weapons. But Moze is already so well keyed for splash, then fire… A fire multiplier like was said earlier would have been a choice id like to have.

oh man, this COM is going to be so good with a shock linoge. shock linoge with a rad or cryo or either of the other 2 with a shock anointment will mean putting out 4 different damage types and will be amazing for shredding badasses…