New Bug Miko Bug, post 5/23/2016 Patch

So, I jumped into the reworked Overgrowth map to have another go at Incursion. Unfortunately, we got stomped because of what of appeared to be a bug on Miko’s alt-fire. It was an enemy Miko, and didn’t pop up until said Miko was…level 6 or 7, I think. Miko’s alt-fire was healing people through terrain, and got so broken that it was permanently attached to an Oscar Mike, who proceeded to wreck our team, along with an Attikus and Phoebe.

Granted, I don’t know Miko’s Helix tree very well, so this might just be some new skill I’ve never seen. But, I’ve never seen it before, and it doesn’t behave how one would expect.

Edit: I’ve got about 15 minutes of footage from the match saved on my PS4, which somewhat shows what I’m talking about. My perspective wasn’t great…but I’ll get it uploaded to Youtube and link it here. I’ll also try to grab the Match ID, and also submit a ticket to 2K Support, to see if that will do any good. Mainly I’m just testing waters to see if anyone else has seen this. Really doubt its a cheat or hack, as it didn’t pop up until late game, and really only stuck to one character, the enemy Oscar Mike. Probably some kind of bug…

Edit 2.0: Ok, got the footage up on YouTube. Its only been up for about 10 minutes, so I don’t know what kind of processing YouTube’s done to it, nor have I really sifted through the footage myself. Do so at your own risk. But I think the bug really starts popping up with about 15 or 14 minutes left in the game. Also, yes, I know I was doing HORRIBLE this match. Just wasn’t feeling it at all, and that bug and the fact that they were just destroying us basically killed my momentum XD

That’s interesting. Don’t know if this is related, but a teammate of mine said he swore an enemy Kleese killed him with a Taser from long range. That’s another lock-on ability…

Was it actually healing him? I’ve had odd bugs where it looks like the heal beam is latched onto a guy through the terrain, so it looked like I was healing 2-3 people at once, but only one was actually being healed since the others were just graphical bugs.


@Misguided It could be related somehow. Although I think Kleese’s Taser has a chaining ability that it can unlock later on, so that could explain it. It would depend on the range…

@icefyer It was actively healing him. He had the healing buff animation on him and everything. It was especially prominent when he killed me and I got to spectate him for a few seconds, and see the healing beam doing its thing. It got to the point where it was so broken that the healing beam wasn’t even originating from Miko anymore; it was just stationary in the middle of the map, attached to the Oscar Mike. I checked a few times, and the Miko was still in the game, but its healing beam was just stuck there. I’ll have to upload the footage…

I’ve seen this visual bug before the patch. I don’t think it was actually healing him even though you saw the visual healing buff. And the reason you probably saw Miko as assist was maybe because at one point when Oscar was hitting you Miko was healing him then ran off somewhere while Oscar continued to dps you and eventually kill you. Miko would still get assist even if he wasn’t near you or Oscar.

I could be wrong so maybe someone else has anything to add?

Its possible. Again, my perspective was limited, and as usual everything was so chaotic that it was hard to tell for sure. I’m in the process of uploading the raw footage to YouTube right now, if you guys wanna take a look at it and judge for yourself. I’ll add an edit with the link when its up and ready.

Also, here’s the Match ID: 20160524-31334da5-b87d-48c9-bfc7-5443d7ba6953. Although that’s more for Gearbox, as I don’t think there’s anything we can do with that XD

Ok, got the YouTube footage up. Watch at your own peril XD

around min 7 you can see oscar on the ledge while you go to fight miko near twin thralls. miko shoots kunais, and the beam still is attached to oscar without healing him. this is just a visual bug, had this happen alot in earlier stages (ctt, ob) of the game, not so much recently.

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It’s an old bug.

Ok, everyone seems to be telling me its an old bug. I’ll take your word for it then. Probably gonna go ahead and delete this topic, so I don’t mislead anyone :stuck_out_tongue:

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