New category indicator under thread title?

I don’t know if this is just because something’s wrong with my settings or if this has actually been changed one or two days ago. Now under every thread title I see which category it belongs to, and I couldn’t figure out how to disable it in the settings (please tell me if there’s a way).

The thing is, I see that may be useful if you’re browsing forums in a way that it displays threads from different categories, but since I’m only ever browsing two specific categories, it displays the same category info under each and every thread title.

Tbh I find this pretty annoying because now fewer threads are displayed per page and it’s become much less clear for my eyes. My brain having to filter that out all the time when looking for thread titles noticeably slows down my overview of threads.

I’m asking for an option to turn that off – or if it’s just my account doing funny things, someone please tell me how I can turn it off.

I don’t think there’s any way to turn it off at the user level. The way things appear is largely (other than forum specific CSS) dictated by the underlying platform (Discourse).

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Happened to me a few time the past few days on mobile(droid). I just closed app/ restarted the app. Cleared it out back to normal.

It was kinda annoying to have so much info between thread titles.

Still doing it on the Desktop version. Not that it matters too much because the title + category is about the same height as the avatars posting in thread, so each entry wouldn’t get any smaller without the category field.

Hmm on my desktop it’s definitely higher than the avatars, and I’m positive vertical space between threads has increased