New CC effect idea: Disarm

Hey guys, I was just thinking about that - what about giving some skills / helix choices the CC effect DISARM?

Can you imagine how useful it can be? You can make silence just for “magical” skills and make disarm like a physical silence, and other uses.

Give a unnarmed melee damage, like -50%.

Make a “require weapon skill” mechanism and it will be great, let’s imagine the examples:

  • Disarming Galilea or Boldur shield and she/he can’t block for some seconds;
  • Disarming that Rath chasing you, making him unable to use skills (all skills depends on their swords, right?)
  • OMG that Ghalt will melt us with double shotguns - disarm him.
  • Force Caldarius to engage melee combat without his gun (IT’S A TRAP? Maybe.)
  • Whiskey Overdriving? Not today.

That is a silly, crazy and impossible idea?
Probably, but I think just the idea of taking out tanks shields for a few seconds will worth the discussion for some people here, lol. :slight_smile:

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I like this idea. Of course, only a few people would be able to use it. You know, balance and such. :slight_smile:

Hey! There’s a plan! You know how people clamor on about how Gals has too much CC? Replace her Shield Throw stun with a disarm. Can’t use basic/alternate attacks for… let’s use a blanket 3 secs as an example.

More CC? Hold on while I cry into a pillow.


Yeah, that’s the idea. And it will only applies in characters that rely on a physical weapon to attack and/or use skills. Orendi, for example, will not be affected by disarms. :slight_smile:

I though about that while writing this thread lol

I like the idea of making two (2) seperate Silence catagories, where one is for ‘Magic’ skills, and the other for ‘Physical’ skills. This weakens our current CC Meta, and current silence, while having ways of harming those with Physical sheilds.

All in all, like this idea, but worry for isic. He might not live without his sheild.

Edit: Maybe even remove most stuns, and place disarm instead. (And go through with changing base ‘Silence’, so CC meta much weaker.)

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Yeap, That’s the idea. And I’ll add a root effect (stucked in place, but can use skills/attack), that I’ve talked about months ago, being a suggestion to improve Ghalt’s trap. Just another idea lol. :slight_smile:

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But orendi has 4 arms… Super glad I got to say that XD

but seriously this sounds like an amazing idea and could be used to replace certain slow effects off the top of my head. I really like the idea of it affecting off hand shields and think it should also stop the restoration of them for the duration of the disarm affect


I like this idea. Perhaps in a different way though - silence is for skills, disarm is for attacks. While affected, the target can still cast skills fine, but just can’t use basic or secondary attacks.


I figured it would affect both triggers qm and the modifications that qm can get. I just dunno if that’s fair for healers or not

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I’m cautiously pro this idea, I’m primarily concerned it leading to a new Beatrix silence on some character.

However, I don’t necessarily agree with what it should do. In my eyes, disarm should be the “silence of primary attacks”. You shouldn’t be able to attack with your primary weapons, but you can still use your skills.

So to take your examples;


No, silence already does this.

No, again, ailence already does this.

No, he shouldn’t be able to use his gun either, only his skills.

And again for the last one, silence already does this.

The way it ahould be implemented though is important as well if I’m supposed to be for this idea. It has to replace other CCs, not add more. For instance;

  • Galilea’s Shield Throw now disarms instead of stuns.

  • Phoebe’s right helix at level 1 will now disarm enemies when procced instead of silencing.

  • Rath’s right helix at level 4 will now disarm enemies instead of silencing them.

We need to move away from the CC-meta. And even though this is a new CC for Battleborn, I believe this could potentially be implemented in such a way which downgrades the current CC-stacking in form of stuns & silences.

As for;

“Weaken” is already a mechanic in the game, though the value’s 30%, not 50%.

  • Attikus can put it on his Hedronic Arc with his left helix at level 4.
  • Beatrix got it on Fulminate.
  • Deande got it on Burst Dash.
  • El Dragòn can put it on his Dragon Splash with his right helix at level 1.

What @SirWalrusCrow said, to make it simple I would take the existing silence effects, take half of them and make them disarm instead. Rather than adding more CC I’d be interested to see how this could reduce the impact Boldur/Galilea have with their shields. It’s a cool idea that’s seen use in games like WoW before.

To somewhat hijack this thread with a similar, plagiarised idea; I would like to see a ‘friendly pull’ mechanic put in place. Similar to Ghalt’s pull but usable on teammates. I would make Reyna have to choose between the health on overshield at lvl 4 or a friendly pull. Could be used to counter the strong presence Ghalt has in the current meta, although trolling teammates could be an issue :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the friendly pull on allies idea a lot. Although I think it would have to work similar to Alani heals to be worth it, to have it soft lock onto a target.

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Make the friendly pull work on thrall/minions/elite minions and you can slingshot your wave with a little creativity

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My idea was to disarm only affect weapon based skills, like Rath swords, Ghalt and Whiskey guns etc. That will replace the silence on that cases, because silence will only work with magical based skills.

But yea, your ideas are great too. I think they can work on that to balance the “CC-meta”.

Thanks for the reply!

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I really like the idea of the friendly pull, just worried about that times when your playing a melee character and your friend will pull you away from a certain kill. :slight_smile:

But in serious, it can be great, specially against Ghalt.

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That’s the best part :smirk:

Imagine pulling the Shepherd off the wave, my god…

Root should really be Ghalt’s trap effect. Maybe root for a second, slow for another.


Make Ghalt’s trap great again!

The CC meta stems from a flawed design philosophy at gearbox. It is no coincidence that the CC meta is mostly made up of healers and tanks. A few of these characters are built to close to tank mage status.

A lot of them before the patch brought to much damage a long with there utility introducing power creep into the game relative to more of the specialist characters. Gearbox should of been more careful in balancing and who they give CC to. I find it absolutely rediculous seeing one of these comps made up of 2 healers and 2 tanks. You think this kind of setup would cause some gaping weakness into the composition like low damage or poor wave clear.
But that doesn’t happen. Gearbox made it possible to stack CC ability enabled characters, while having access to fighting endurance due to the combination oh healing and high health pools, good damage, and great wave clear.

Gearbox needs to do a balance pass on all hybrids in this game. Alani, kid ultra, and galilea were a great start. I hope their nerfs puts some common sense back into team comps.