New Champion Skins only for previously unlockable Characters?

So the mega update rolled out today, tons of new features and tweaks to Battleborn. One of the major things is that all characters have been unlocked. No more rank requirements or challenges to unlock them. Gearbox has replaced reward for the old unlock challenges with new “Champion skins” which seem to be all black. Nice new sleek design. The first thing I notice however, is that the starter characters have been left out of the new skins, I.e Montana, Oscar mike, Miko, Rath, Thorn, Orendi and Marquis, don’t have a “Champion Skin” same with the DLC characters. Just a slight oversight in my opinion, as I would love to see a pitch black Oscar Mike or Pendles, perhaps adding in more challenges would be the easy fix?

Well, no it’s just a hiccup is all. Play a few matches and you should get them, if not fill out a support ticket.

It’s not that they are not unlocking, all the Champion skins that exist have been unlocked for me, it’s a matter of the old starter and dlc characters simply don’t have that specific skin.

He’s referring to the fact that not all 30 characters have Black skins. Only those who previously had unlock requirements.

Hopefully either a future patch or through Shift codes

I must have misread your post, @jbmsquared, sorry, been up a while, and I’m not feeling well. xD

They’ll probably add them in at sometime in the future, just being patient is all we can really do.

What’s weird is that there are icons saying I should have a new skin for them, but they’re not there.


If you re-do the prologue, you gain the black skins for the starter heroes. I just did it, and I got them.

As for the DLC characters… Not sure, probably just an oversight.

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