New Changes causing Lag

When I loaded BL2 earlier in the week I noticed that Gearbox seems to have infected the game with some of the BL3 bugs. Since the Friends / Social stuff was added things have not been running as smoothly. The most noticeable change is when I Save/Quit it now takes around 6 to 8 seconds for the Main Menu to load. Prior to these changes this was instantaneous. My PC is quite a high spec. Finally is there any way to remove the Borderlands 3 drop down logo appearing in the Main Menu. OK leave the Borderlands 3 item in the menu as you can look at it as and when. I’ll get BL3 when I’m good and ready and all the bugs are fixed and hopefully through Steam.

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Moved to tech support. Ad solution here:

Not on PC so I’ve no idea what’s been added beyond the ads. If it’s the social menu/notifications like BL3, though, there may be an option to turn the notification frequency down (or even off). Maybe poke around in the game settings menus or look through the config file?

Since I first posted this I have found what the problem is related to. As soon as any of the 3 online options are switched ‘on’ the lag is at its maximum. As soon as I select ‘Offline’ everything goes back to normal. What changes have been made to the network connectivity that causes so much lag?

You’re lucky that “Offline” works for ya, for me it does nothing. :frowning:

I might be misunderstanding this, but i think the matchmaking has been moved from steam servers to GBX ones? Would seem logical given the crossplay talk and integration of Shift stuff.

Please don’t quote me on this though, it’s just my assumption and given that they’re not really transparent with the updates, i might be totally wrong.

That’s what’s been done on BL3, so it’s quite possible that they did it for the other games too. And with the launch of BL3 on PC Friday, the servers have been busy… SHIFT was having issues earlier today (hopefully now fixed).