New chaos rumble idea

I was thinking how to change up chaos rumble or something similar that changes some well established rules, like removing the character uniqueness or immediate respawning. It would be super unbalanced, but allowing every new level to put that skill point on any previous helix. So by level 3 Ambra could have both soothing sunlight and solar burst (god knows why they would wanna do that).

Obviously it would have some restrictions (like ambra’s level 7 that changed her staff into a halberd or spear- it would have to be one or the other). again, this would be ridiculously broken but i’d love to see some fun OTT combinations.

I asked this and they said it wouldn’t work. :sweat:

But then I had a similar idea where you could level to twenty and then recycle the levels and could thus pick helices twice or two on the same level. They said that might be possible.