New character Alani

It’s awesome that GBX is really looking far into the battleborn future.

Update: there’s also a collector’s edition.


Is this the 26th character coming to PS4 first?

Also, let the speculation begin on what she can do…

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Yep, she’s the one. PS4 players who participate in the open beta get to unlock her as soon as she’s available. XB1 and PC gamers still get her FOR FREE though!


Which also puts the argument about ps4 getting a free character over others to rest. It’s a good day.


Free updates, game modes, characters .
GearBox/Battleborn I love you!

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People are still going to say it. During TPS’ pre-release GBX said the game was going to be smaller than BL2, and then subsequently people were complaining that it was smaller than BL2 and that they were ripped off.

But anyways, that article is actually making me interested. Until now I’ve been meh about BB. Really want to try out the Beta now and see if I like it.

Just remember the beta is only going to be about one tenth (if that) of the game. There is so much to it. During the CTT we had a very small taste and I was on it daily…sometimes after it closed. The music is just so awesome.

Alani looks very nice. I hope she plays in a way that i like since I plan on being my team’s healer most of the time. Combat Healers are cool. Water is also best element! GO ALANI! DROWN THEM IN DESPAIR!!!


I really like what I see so far regarding Alani. I may have to rearrange my list.

“Alani write some dialog here!”

Sorry, couldn’t resist.


1- Another healer. This girl is happy. Also, she looks freakin’ amazing. <3

2- I already bought my copy of battleborn, but the digital deluxe edition would be more advantageous as I most certainly plan on getting that season pass. Will we have the option to upgrade to deluxe?

3- <3<3<3


If it’s gamestop you can just move the funds to the deluxe edition.

Idk if the deluxe edition is available at retailers. It might be digital-only. I can’t find anything on GameStop’s website concerning the deluxe edition.

I think the Deluxe Edition is digital only

The Battleborn copy that I purchased is digital and was done via steam. They’ve added the Deluxe edition along with the season pass but no way to upgrade from regular to Deluxe that I could see.

Steam customer support should be able to help you switch over your pre-order to the deluxe edition.

If they do not intend on adding an upgrade feature, I’ll contact the Steam Customer support. I’ll wait a little longer in case they do intend on adding the feature later down the line, just so I don’t bug the customer support for nothing.

In any case, thanks for your response, mucho appreciated :slight_smile:

Aww bummer. I wanted it.