New character Alani

May also need to hit several targets with it.


…Awesome! :smile:


Hey, Gaige - how come you never told us you have a twin sister named Alani?! :dukeparty:


Seconded - solo Algorithm and, after a bit of figuring things out, it was a blast. Need to work on my timing/aiming with the Geyesr though - didn’t really make a splash with that. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Lore progress will not be saved… why???
played 2 games with gali in one team and there is no progress, a friend of mine got the same problem

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Her lore is bugged and not counting it.

Have to agree. I suck at support, but i actually think i could work with Alani. Rapid attacks, easy to heal team mates, and solid abilities make her a good combat healer.

So I’m not the only one with lore problem. I should already have 2 done and part way to 3rd. At least I got a taunt from an eldrid pack.

Yep I wondered. Good to know. Thanks

…Her Lore is unfair to those of us who only play public Story mode.

Err ok its still bugged just letting people know.

… that’s almost every character though…


…Pretty much, I can’t get Master for Thorn but I did for Deande and for Oscar Mike I just need 3 more Montana’s.

If you’re on the PC, I can help. Otherwise good luck with your quest. :slight_smile:

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…Very kind. On Steam it’s the same name.

I think her second mutation is bugged as well

Am I the only who think her lore is beyond difficult?

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Other than the kill ambra one no and maybe the lifeguards has given up one if by effect players it means damage 5 players and not damage and/or speed up allies hard to tell since its bugged.