New character concepts for BL3

I understand that there are existing threads for character ideas for the next game in the Borderlands franchise, but I wanted to make a thread devoted to concepts that are more original, and allow people to share their ideas. When I say “original” I simply mean characters that are entirely new. Not to say that it’s a bad idea to bring back existing characters, I’m just interested in what you have in mind. Essentially this is where you can brainstorm and work with others by giving and receiving constructive feedback. Only have a storyline for a character? See what mechanics people see fit for your fleshed out badass’ plot. Have a general idea for a skill tree? Get some suggestions from the writers in the community. Sorry if this is a lot to read, but I’d love hearing everyone’s awesome thoughts.

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I’m new to the whole forum thing, so I’m sorry if replying to my own post is frowned upon.

I want to get the thread started, so I’m just going to throw my idea out there. Feel free to give me feedback or things you would consider changing.

Basically we’ve got this female character and her parents that lived in a more wild part of Pandora, and as a young girl she loses her parents and gets raised by the wildlife of the planet, Tarzan style. Her parents were killed by some big industy in some Lorax-esque building expansion. This makes her hate all big corporations with a fiery passion, and is a driving cause for her to be a vault hunter. Living in the wild for all her life taught her the ways of nature in some weird zen way, so she’s a bit of a hippie/environmentalist. That’s what I’ve got for plot.

To give her that gearbox humour flare, she’s basically going to use “the way of nature” as an excuse for everything. Pandora’s life is constantly murdering everything, so it makes some sense I guess. I don’t know, I just want comedic irony.

Now for the stuff that people actually care about. Action skill and tree. I think It would be awesome if her skill would summon a creature to help in combat, and the creature you get is based on the branch you choose. So maybe one branch is a skag, one is a rakk, and one is a spiderant or thresher. Each has it’s own perks, and you’re typical stat boosts for health or damage.

She would also have changes in appearance, sort of like Wilhelm did, based on tree. So maybe if you were building a defensive branch, there would be an upgrade that increases shield capacity and you would gain spiderant armor. Another example would be getting bone claws and receiving a faster sprint, or you’d get on all four’s to go faster.

I know this is a bit much, but I just really wanted to get my idea out there. Still haven’t decided class, character name, or general appearance, so I’ll gladly take some suggestions.

I really like the idea of that tarzan lady. It would be cool if instead of summoning a creature to fight for you, like deathtrap, you could ride one into battle like the skag riders. While you are on mount the spiderant will attack anything near you, while you use your guns. I like the spiderant idea better because it makes more sense, spiderants can burrow out of the ground.

Personally I want a redneck character that speciallizes in shotguns and grenades. Idk how the skill tree would work but it would fit the whole borderlands theme. Maybe make his action skill the ability to pull out a super shotgun of sorts? I’m not very creative.

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Name: Apollo the Runner

Gender: Male

Origin: Chione (snow planet, non-canon), poor, but not savage planet.

Personality: Thinker, realist, straight forward, loves sarcasm and bad jokes.

Appearance: 16 years old, slim, average height (ca. 175cm), not very tough looking, but mutated
himself to withstand extreme speed differences and g-forces. Light exoskeleton
along the limbs, the connecting spine built into his spine (similar to Kruger’s suit in Elysium or CoD AW exosuit). Tight but warm grey jacket and pants, for
arctic temperatures, not hindering movement. Hood, scarf over his lower face,
reflective ski goggles (basically Axton’s snowblind head). Brown messy hair,
large scar across the left eye, which has been replaced with an all black
cybernetic infrared eye, blue right eye, no beard, pale skin, slight freckles.

Traits: Orphan since he was six, lived alone mostly cut off from civilization, best friend is White,
a white weasel-like creature called a Rengling, semi-effective in combat, as he
has a tranquilising venom which he can inject into enemies, also an excellent
companion and has an extremely fine sense of smell, smelling danger, prey, fear
and trails. Skilled hunter, brilliant biomechanical-engineer, built his first
prototype exosuit at the age of ten, mutated himself at the age of 13. Has an very
good understanding of anatomy, biomechanics and how to modify and use it, not
only with human anatomy, but also animals, which is why he is so successful at
hunting and surviving.

Melee Weapon: Dual daggers

Ability: Overcharge (Overcharges his Exoskeleton): +200% Movement speed, +25% Reload speed, +25% Firing speed, Moon Gravity. 10 seconds duration, 25 seconds cooldown.

Skill trees: Melee / SMGs, pistols, DPS / Survival and White

Skill tree 1: Blade Runner

Precision Strike - Basically Zer0’s execute.

Glory is gory – killing an enemy with a melee attack grants you a stack of glory is gory. Each stacks grants you +5% melee damage and if Overcharge isn’t active +0,5% movement speed. This ability can stack up to 100 times. All stacks are lost if you damage with a gun.

Soft spot – each melee hit is a crit.

Skill tree 2: Avalanche of lead

WHANananana… – You get 3 seconds overcharge time and -5 seconds cooldown for each enemy killed.

Running start – After sprinting for at least 3 seconds you get +100% gun damage for 2 seconds.

Eye c U – When overcharge is active your infrared eye activates. It debuffs the most
powerful enemy in your sight and gives you +75% gun damage against that enemy.
Other players don’t benefit from that skill.

Skill tree 3: Harshest Conditions

Best Buds – When Override is active or recharging and you press your action skill button, you send out White, who can tranquilise 4 enemies. Tranquilized enemies move and react at half the speed for 7 seconds and give +50% XP. This skill has a cooldown of 30 seconds.Gamechanger: Up and running – When in fight for your life your exosuit takes over all movement and allows you to move with normal speed but decreased accuracy.

Trust me, I’m a bioengineer – While Overcharge is active, you and your friends regenerate
15% health per second. Also your friends get +20% fire rate and reload speed.
(Doesn’t stack with multiple Apollo’s in one group.)

This guy is my most fleshed out and improved character so far. He’s been in multiple FanFics of mine, so it’s safe to say, that he’s my favourite character. If you have any suggestions, skill and character wise, just say so. Any feedback is apprechiated.

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I could get behind that idea. I’m picturing this character as a cross between Scooter and T.K. Baha. A super Baha or Torque shotgun would also be pretty awesome. I also love the thought of just having this stereotypical redneck searching for the Vault so he can shoot everything along the way.

The pet and exo-suit sound pretty sweet, and he’s definitely been pretty fleshed out. The only big thing I would suggest is being more descriptive for lore and personality. It’s just a pet peeve of mine when a character is described with a list. If you put this together more like you were writing a story about him I think it will be fantastic.

I’ve been doing some concept art for an Archer type character… Think Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Robin Hood. Also, since I kinda want to voice him, i’m gonna make him be from Elpis (Because i’m Australian :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

Haven’t thought out the skill trees yet, but I feel that an attack similar to Zer0’s Death Bl0ss0m would be awesome, launch elemental arrows at the enemy.

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That would be great, I’d love to check it out.