New Character for Battleborn

Hello.1st of all great job guys with the game its a good co-op experience and funny with unique characters.Is the 5 planned new chars all the players gonna get as DLC or do you plan to release more?This is more of of suggestion really.What abot implementing a Samurai themed character into the game?Roll to fill would be brawler/assasin or disruptor depending on the skills ans mutations available.Meele katana user using one hand attacks ans sheate his sword after attack finished.Skills could be for example Slice n Dice - Dash to enemies while slicing through them.Next one he could cast a tornado i a line in front of him to disrupt enemies/lift them up(attacks would be wind+ cherry blossom themed).As an ultimate maybe a bigger 2 handed katana for set period of time to enhance att power or dual wield katanas similar ti ghalt with two shotguns?Maybe make him primary weapon a 2 handed one as therevis no meele fighter using 2 handed wepons.Or make a mutation choice to use one hand and increase atk speed opposite to use both hands for more dmg but reduced atk speed.In the last decade there were very few if any Samurai themed games or heroes and such a Badass would be a nice addition and could attract players.What are your thoughts- will thete be more heroes than the confirmed 5 dlc ones?

I’ve wondered this myself. Are they just going to release the 5 they mentioned and then jump ship or do they plan on releasing more, that’s just what they have on their plate at the moment. Is this game going to be supported for years to come with Heroes coming out every 2 months or so for years and years like LoL/Smite or are they doing the 5, then are done and might come out with BB 2 at some later date.

They plan on supporting it for a long time. They want this game to grow and be it’s own thing. And considering how many other companies are trying to start the console moba thing, they’re ahead of the curve.
They refer to the characters and season pass as The First 5, not The dlc/characters. I doubt they’ll give up. Yeah some of their community is dying, but I have seen nothing but them trying to fix it. Their servers are getting better, for me at least, and overall the experience is improving in my opinion. The matches are much more balanced than week 1-3, lag is less frequent… I don’t see them throwing away the chance to start something big.