New Character Idea - MINREC!

Based on a brilliant idea by @cadecampbell I thought I would throw this out there for further discussion.

MINREC as a new playable character?

Kill or damage Minions / enemies to pump yourself up?

Like collect their “scrap” as they take damage or die, and then maybe have a left hand helix for having the “scrap” increase your Defense stuff and the right hand helix for Offensive stuff?

He’d need a robit suit like Nova needs though, because he is like THE ENTIRE Mineral Reclamation Facility, or at least an AI housed somewhere inside the facility operating it.

EDIT: PLUS, we KNOW we’d ALL love to hear “Beee reeebooorrrnnn as…” lines as we fight!


It’d be an awesome idea as well perhaps something similar to kelvin but adds shields or something

dunno how minrec escorting minions to himself would work.

Mr. Burns and Smithers watch MINREC work…

Almost sexual isn’t it, Smithers?



This, too:


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Wow, this thread not only went off-road, but it took a short cut to get there.

I just want to point out, if MINREC requires Minion parts to power up, he’s not gonna have much fun on Capture.

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Same could be said for kelvin though

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True, but Kelvin’ll eat anything, tho.

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