New Character Ideas

So I was thinking of new characters for the next borderlands so here they are.

Name - Angel
Class - Siren
Favoured Weapon - Hypreion Weaponery
Skill Tree - AI, Overload and Guardian
Appearance - Angel from the game borderlands 2
Action Skill - PhaseSummon, can summon 1 or 2 Angelic guards to help fight when on the battlefield.
(P.S I know you guys will say “Can’t bring her back you idiot” and my reason is at the end of Borderlands Pre Sqeuel Athena is saved by a alien maybe Angel is resurrected by this alien just a theory ?)

So I was thinking of new characters for the next borderlands so here they are.

Name - Angel
Class - Siren
Favoured Weapon - Hypreion Weaponery
Skill Tree - AI, Overload and Guardian
Appearance - Angel from the game borderlands 2
Action Skill - PhaseSummon, can summon 1 or 2 Angelic guards to help fight when on the battlefield.
(P.S I know you guys will say “Can’t bring her back you idiot” and my reason is at the end of Borderlands Pre Sqeuel Athena is saved by a alien maybe Angel is resurrected by this alien just a theory ?)

Name - Moxxie
Class - Sexy Ladie
Favoured Weapon - Healing Weapons (Added in the new game)
Skill Tree - Drink’s Up, Sugar and Take a look
Appearance - Moxxie from the game borderlands trilogy
Action skills - Maybe a charm which stops all enemies for 1 second then they start to attack each other ?

So I was thinking of new characters for the next borderlands so here they are.

Name - Dr Zed
Class - Medic/Nut Job
Favoured Weapon - Shotguns are laser if in the next game
Skill Tree - It’s a monster, Maniac and Teness
Appearance - Dr Zed from the game borderlands 2
Action Skill - Summon the monster that you create for him in bl2 or maybe a syringe that he stabs him self in and turns into a rage mode doing bonus damage and more health ?

I do have a few more ideas so I might post them if I have time thanks for having a look and leave a comment if you want to.

Well, you know, Angel’s death is canon. So…she can’t be there :wink:
Another thing, Dr Zed was in BL 1 too, and maybe he’s too old for vault hunting game. In my opinion, would be cool to not use people that are NPCs in previous games :smile:

Why Dr. Zed when you have :

Nina, the Patriot

Weapon Focus: Large Magazines, High Fire Rate, Vladof Loyalty
Skill Tree:
The People’s Hammer (Focused on rallying allies with group buffs and bullet-based healing)
Revolution (DPS focused tree focused on benefiting weapons with high fire rate and/or magazine size)
Unrelenting (Juggernaut/Tank tree focused primarily on her Action Skill)
Appearance: It’s Nurse Nina, but more geared for combat, I would imagine the default to wear a Valdof russian style military outfit with a bandoleer
Action Skill - Burning Determination: For X Seconds Nina’s health cannot drop below 1, during this time she gains X% boost to Fire Rate and Gun Damage. This Bonus increases the lower her health is.

Idk why, but I really want Nina to fill the Juggernaut/Berserker role in the next borderlands. There’s a lot of room to work with knowing her history with Comrade Vladof, which very well might be the reason she would come out from hiding and return to her asskicking ways. I would like her to be designed as A Not Stupid Salvador, where she actually has a workable theme that isn’t just one ridiculously broken skill.


I was thinking some time ago about a good-guy Hyperion loader. Maybe Mal, from BL2 and that trio of quick side quests in Eridium Blight.

Name: MAL
Class: (?)
Preferred: Hyperion weapons
Action Skill: WAR LOADER (Mal evolves temporarily to a Hyperion WAR LOADER, growing in size and gaining a huge boost to his health, as well as gaining twin shoulder cannons that fire a constant barrage of fire projectiles; can damage friendlies, and speaks lines that show an internal struggle between his Hyperion programming and his newfound humanity)
Skill Tree 1: BA LOADER (Skills generally improve firepower output, accuracy, overall damage potential; capstone enhances his action skill to grant him SIX cannons and much more health)
Skill Tree 2: BULL LOADER (Skills buff Mal’s health, damage resistance; melee override in this tree to add a dozer blade to Mal’s arm, and make him bulldoze enemies in front of him, dealing greatly increased melee damage to them and reflecting incoming bullets/lasers)
Skill Tree 3: ION LOADER (Team-focused skill tree, gives Mal the ability to project a shield over a radius around him to protect himself and teammates, can add shock element to his action skill attacks, grants shock resistance, enhances shield capabilities; capstone allows Mal, when activating his action skill, to summon shield surveyor bots to recharge his and/or allies’ shields, and alternately, to attack enemies on the battlefield [surveyors also have a chance to drop loot, such as ammo and health and money, when they are destroyed, or when Mal’s action skill ends])

Back story: Mal was a Hyperion loader that got separated and cut off from Hyperion in the Eridium Blight during a bullymong attack on the mining operation he worked in. Mal was slightly damaged in the attack, but survived. The damage he suffered led him to believe himself to be self-aware and sentient. Vault hunters seeking the Vault of the Warrior encountered Mal, and helped him to look and feel more human, and to eventually learn to feel pain as well. Mal essentially became a living robot. After the fall of Hyperion on Pandora, Mal sought out the vault hunters that had liberated him from servitude, and sought to learn to be a vault hunter himself. He got help from some recently ‘liberated’ ex-Hyperion programmers, and ditched his mining and other work protocols, to activate all of the various combat loader routines available in the native OS for loaders. Gaige, being a fan of robots herself, lobbied Lilith successfully to authorize Mal’s training with the Crimson Raiders and other vault hunters on Pandora. Claptrap also spoke up on Mal’s behalf, being a former Hyperion combat bot himself, and Lilith eventually gave in and added Mal to the new vault hunter roster, if only to shut Claptrap up about it.

NOTE Some of Mal’s skills, including his action skill, introduce the chance to harm friendlies. Mal struggles with the Hyperion-loyal parts of his programming, and with his more rudimentary loader programming. The reprogramming, along with the damaged AI core, lead to a slightly bugged sense of Mal’s new self, that can sometimes be a little unsettling to his fellow vault hunters. Occasionally, his voice will be that of a proper Hyperion loader, or his lines will start to drift into common Hyperion loader combat lines, and he’ll catch himself mid-line. That sort of thing.

Also, his appearance will change with certain skill add-ons. For instance, the melee override in the BUL LOADER tree will cause the dozer blade to become part of his appearance at all times. The ION tree’s skill for that big shield will sprout antennae on him somewhere, like proper ION loaders. And so on.

Sooo Mal is the worst Co-Op character ever since claptrap

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Zack / Zoey can go ether way as far as gender
Class: Wildman/ Wildwoman
Action Skill: Beast form, Allows the player to morph into a powerful beast of unknown origin. In this form they gain increased melee damage in the form of claw swipes, faster movement speed, and for ranged threats a 3 round burst of quills/ spikes from their back.
Prefered attack style: sniper rifle or shotgun/ melee (based on skill tree perks)
Skill trees: Apex Predator/ Primal Rage/ (Alpha Dog or Pack Leader)
Apex Predator focuses on shotgun and sniper damage and perks, Skills of note: Razor Rounds both shotguns and Rifles can add a damage over time that stacks to a small cap, Killer Instinct When aiming down sights all critical hit points are highlighted and you get a buff to your crit damage.
Primal Rage focuses on being a tough melee damage dealer: Skills of note: Rage with each bit of health lost you gain melee buffs and a small amount of damage resist based on stacks, With Gun and Claw Damage resist gets a buff and you gain 1 rage stack per kill and 2 per melee kill, Tear Asunder Melee override change your basic melee into a morphed paw swipe for a huge melee damage bonus.
Last Tree I came up with two options
Alpha Dog focuses on buffing your action skill through Evolutions: Skills of note Natural Selection When in beast form you have more health and your (RS/V) is now a grapple tongue that ether pulls small enemies to you or you to large enemies (ie vehicles), Survival of the fittest Adds even more health plus damage and other buffs as you achieve “Alpha” status in other words badass rank.
The other Option Pack Leader adds the choice of minions and more buffs: Skills of note Quill Mutation ether adds corrosive or whatever element your last gun was to your quill attacks and you shot them faster and they do more damage in general, Pack Hunter You gain some small buffs as well as the ability to spawn 2-4 Mini-beasts that have less hp and damage then you but if they live to the end of your ability they explode dealing decent damage

- the multiple vault hunter. Like RedBelly or Sandman/The Big Sleep, this vault hunter is two people - one big muscleman and a small brainy guy.

Class: Combros.
Action skill: Going Solo - the small one hops off and starts attacking things by himself with a copy of your gun; big guy (you control) gains increased speed, melee damage, and other buffs later.

Trees: All By Myself, Better Together, Bash Brothers

All By Myself: Self-buffs during action skill.

Lone Ranger: Increased pistol damage and reload speed for all guns.
A Load Off: +10% hp restored on action skill use per rank; +0.5% HP regen per rank during action skill.

I Don’t Need You: Increased gun damage while separated; +7% per rank.
Room To Grow: Shield capacity and recharge rate increased by 5% and 10% per rank respectively while separated.

Get Outta Here!: Instead of lil guy jumping off, big guy throws him at the enemy closest to your crosshair; similar to axton’s longbow turret but slower. Impact deals damage and lil guy gains a small boost in damage while separated. ONE POINT.

Better Together: Buffs while together; some nonspecific buffs

Bash Bros: skills that let you transfer/share buffs or otherwise improve the damage output of lil guy. Example:

Tier one skill - Everybody Gets One: On separation, Lil Guy gets a copy of your gun.

Depending on what happens after Tales, this could totally be Rhys and Loaderbot, action skill could be switching control either on a toggle or for a period of time, loaderbot just being out otherwise.

Name: Billy Bob the Red Neck (Some form of red-neck name)
Class: ?
Back story: I was thinking on the lines of he used to be a relative to the Hodunks, not too close related like the cousin of Tector’s cousin who was in a band with a few Hodunks such as Tector who fell out at gig and they all started fighting, resulting in Billy Bob being kicked out and forced to roam the wasteland on his own. He then heard about the vaults and how the bring fame inspiring him to go in search of the vaults and become a famous banjo player in spite of his ex-band members.
Appearance: Skinny, similar body shape to Mordecai, wears a pair of worn, denim, dungarees that are too big for him with a few patches sewn on with no shirt underneath, Left foot has an old worn brown boot, the other just a sock with a hole in the big toe with that sticking out, and the left leg a knee guard made of scraps, he has a fingerless glove on his right arm and his left has bandages around his wrist up to the elbow. Has a banjo on his back held with a leather strap under the dungarees and has a dark bushy beard that’s unclean, also is chewing a bit of wheat and either a mullet or cowboy like hat that’s old and worn. His voice would be off a typical red-neck and he would come out with very stupid comments as his intelligence would be very low. His Melee would be a broken bottle of his own custom made moonshine sort of drink.
Action Skill: Banjo Solo (name needs works), The player pulls the banjo off his back and begins to play it (starts slow and gets quicker and quicker) for 10 seconds, which sort of stuns all characters in a radius around you (They cover their ears with the hands so their not shooting at you but still walk around, for other mobs such as skags and bullymongs they just start roaring and run around in like circles). Not only that but it will do a small amount of damage over the time (Which will be upgradeable in a skill tree) so it can be a more useful solo. Also if you melee whilst in this you do a stronger attack with the banjo (not insane damage just a bit more that a basic attack). Stunning everyone would be too over powered, so it would be based on level, everyone who’s a lower level has than you has a 100% chance to effect, same level as you is a 90% a level higher is 70%, 2 levels higher 50% etc… and on big bosses like the warrior can’t be stunned but just take extra damage from the DoT.
Trees: haven’t really got names for them, but one would be about his action skill so it would have a name to do with music, another would be a team support one which would have some incest innuendo as the title and the final one would be buffing him and be called something stereotypical to red-necks (Most of the skills names will also be red-neck stereotypes)
I shoot better when I’m drunk - A tier 1/2 skill, at the cost of accuracy -2%/-4%/-6%/-8%/-10% you gain gun damage +5%/+10%/+15%/+20%/+25%.
Drinking takes the pain away - Melee over-ride, instead of doing your regular melee, you pull a fresh bottle out and drink it, then break it so its back it your regular melee. This restores a percentage of your shield and health (15%), and makes you resistant to all damage by (10%) for 15 seconds. 45 second cool down.
ELECTRIFYING - When you activate your action skill you release a shock nova round around you, and then another every 5 seconds (One at the beginning, one in the middle, one at the end) until your action skill ends. (You will do more if you put points into a skill that increases the action skill duration past 5 seconds)
Home Made Amplifier - It adds a little speaker that’s made from scraps to the banjo, every point you put into it increases the radius of your action skill.
Rockstar - Last skill in the music skill tree, upgrades your banjo to a guitar, changing all the sound effects to a guitar solo and instead of them holding their ears and screeching they dance, It increases the damage they take per second from the action skill and makes it do fire and corrosive damage too. (Also other upgrades that change the appearance of the banjo will change the appearance of this guitar.
Sound Wave - When in your action skill, press the aim in button to zoom in and when you shoot instead of hitting with the banjo you fire a laser beam out that does a little less damage than hitting the banjo but it’s shock damage. Adds a literal contraption the head of the banjo.
Front Row Seats - All your team mates gain accuracy, fire rate and damage reduction bonuses when inside the radius of your action skill when its active.
Sorry for the long paragraph I got carried away :slight_smile:

I mean that could just be Tector Hodunk (Jimbo did play the banjo), him living the family feud is canon. Or scooter even,it just seems that Banjo “rockstar” is a little awk.

I couldnt really see scooter fit that action skill tbh, Tector and Jimbo would work more though I couldnt really see them as vault hunters and personally im not fond of most of the same characters weve seen as vault hunter especially the minor ones, and the main focus of it was just a redneck whos action skill involves playing a banjo to “stun” surrounding enemies the rest of it was me getting carried away and typing whatever came to my mind at 3 in the morning

Name: Ben(Benjamin)

Appearance: Medium Length, messy, black hair. Blue Jacket. Black undershirt.Shoulder Pad on right arm. Grenade strap. Finger less gloves. Wristbands. Camo colored pants. Exo Arm on left hand(for the shield). Brown sneakers(converse)

Class: Defender

Preferred weapons: DAHL assault rifles

Action Skill: Nomad Shield(a shield that can be placed down that blocks any enemy projectile( except explosive, and slag)

Skill Tree 1: Survivor (This skill tree focuses mostly on survivability, giving you increased health and shield, and adding spikes, midgets or a gun in front of the shield

Skill Tree 2: Thrusher (this skill tree focuses on damage, giving you increase damage, increased skill time, decreased skill cooldown, and letting you place down your shield making a force around the shield dealing massive damage)

Skill Tree 3: Support (This skill tree focuses on healing and defending yourself and teammates. Also increasing magazine size, and making the shield an absorbent shield(any bullet shot at the shield becomes your ammo))

Backstory: Born and raised on Pandora, he was not scared to kill a Nomad, so he killed one and took his shield,but always had a fear of arachnids. But years later he wanted an adventure, testing his skills he had. After finding out about the vaults, he decided to take that chance to use his skills

Other Facts: Ben Is Hispanic,Has Arachnophobia, and Tinnitus

NOTE: He is NOT a Nomad And does NOT look like one

(Work in progress)
Name: Scarecrow

Class: Deathtrap 2.0

Appearance: zer0 body type, blue jeans, anarchist tank shirt, slim megatron-like arms, small blades coming from inside of his boots, motocross mask and hood, with his red terminator eye glowing from behind. Since robot arms are a common thing on Pandora, people will see him as human.

Attitude: the silent type, not because he wanted to be quiet, but because he is never sure if what he wants to say is right, sometimes calling gaige to answer the more complicated questions (basically any subjetive concept that people insist for a response). When he does that, you can hear the beeping, and gaige’s voice when she picks up the call, he usually stay awkwardly in place in middle conversations until she picks up.

Action skill: Overcharge

Scarecrow assume a more agressive werewolf-like posture , relatively large blades come out of his hands in Wolverine style to replace his fingers (the ones on his feet become more pronounced), sparks surround his body while his shield constantly(and slowly) regenerates.

First skill tree: Hasta la vista

Focuses on gun damage and support, triggering shield regeneration to close allies.

Second skill tree: Engaige (just to be clear, she is the one naming these)

Focuses on his action skill, giving him movement speed and shield regeneration rate, allows him to rotate his arm as a drill-like blade, thats when his fighting style become like big daddy from bioshock.

Third skill tree: All Sparks

Focuses on shock damage (as you can imagine), giving scarecrow the ability to gain shields when doing shock damage, giving his melee a stun effect, triggering a shock nova every time he gets hit by melee and a eletrical cloak that damages nearby enemies.

Melee: a Wolverine style punch when the blades quickly project themselves for a moment without taking place of his fingers.