New Character Info Pages up on!

The first time I saw this thread bumped, it gave me false hope as I thought the new-new character pages were up. This time it’s for real- Kelvin, Kleese, and El Dragon’s pages are finally up.


Awesome thanks for letting me know. Still waiting on two more though.

Just realized the name banners on Kleese and El Dragon are the wrong color

The name banners on many of the Battleborn are wrong, or inconsistent. Look at how dark the colours are on Ghalt’s and Deande’s compared to members of their same faction, for example. Not really sure why they are using different shades as it can be a bit visually confusing when they do not all match.

It should be five factions, five colours, not five factions and eight or nine different colours depending on which artist pasted in the name banner that day. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Apologies for the fakeout bump, but Shayne & Aurox and Whiskey Foxtrot are feeling left out of these updates. I know they are Rogues and such, so it’s possible they just don’t give a … but their pages do exist (as linked to from the Beta post), so can they get some love on the main site?

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Woooo finally everybody is up. Their little thumbnails on the character page look really cool

Is there in game currency to buy the 25 heroes


There are in-game challenges to unlock the locked Heroes.

In addition to the challenges to unlock each one, you can unlock them all by leveling up your total command rank. Also, all dlc characters will be free and will probably unlocked the same way, or you can automatically unlock the first one by playing the beta on ps4