New character select time

For 3 games in a row, by the time character select loads ~15 seconds are left on the timer…
I get that it was changed to 45 seconds so we get into the game quicker but that is too short if you lag at all since it starts as soon as the first person enters. Maybe change it to start count down once everyone has loaded in?



Was this even an issue for people?! Forty-five seconds is not nearly enough time. Between lag issues and people actually talking and coordinating, it’s become a mad dash to select characters and load outs. If 120 seconds was too much time for some folks, cut in half or maybe be kind and give us 90 seconds, because 45 just isn’t working.

If the want to give 45 seconds to a timer, give us that much time after a match to decide if we want to continue with the same team instead of immediately queuing everyone up for the next match. The auto-enroll makes for another mad dash of clicks to exit the matchmaking queue after completing a match.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I’ve started a thread internally to investigate this issue ASAP.


I thought 120 seconds was too long, and thought reducing the timer would be a great idea. 45 seconds just isnt enough time. It takes 15 seconds just to load in and another 5 to choose a gear loadout.
Increasing the time to 60 seconds should be long enough, maybe even 90.

Agreed. We’ll investigate in the morning, but until then I’ve disabled this micro patch as we certainly didn’t intend such a short amount of time for some players. The time will be temporarily back at its pre-micropatched time of 120 seconds again.


You guys are awesome. Screw the Negative Nancies who say Gearbox isn’t listening!


The next time I see somebody say that GBX doesn’t listen to the players im going to point this thread out to them lol you guys are awesome

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Aww shucks :blush:

You guys are awesome-r because you’re playing the thing we made. Please feel free to continue pointing out quality of life issues like these as you discover them!


Thank you GBX! 45 secs WAS too short. and 120 is more than enough time, so I agree with the others about somewhere in the middle.


Just to follow up here, the character select time has been micropatched to 90 seconds.


That was fast. :thumbsup:

Although it is nice that Gearbox is finally responding to post. I want you to note that scottv hadn’t posted anything since the release until the complaining about no information had reached its highest point. Before the complaints we had 2 employees informing us somewhat. Now we have an additional person and they are commenting more often. They shouldn’t be praised for finally listening and finally talking to us 7 weeks after we asked for it.

Gearbox. Damned if they don’t, Damned if they do.

Maybe that’s why they can be reticent.

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I would rather the game staff be busy working on new content and balancing than taking the time to read though and reply to everything. Especially when Gearbox has hired people to do that and report common problems.

I agree with you, I would rather that they actually work on the game. But they are a video game company and video games have from my experience the most vocal customers about a product. Now a days thanks to other game companies who give us details about their product and what we can expect from their product on a consistent basis, it is now a requirement for a company to divulge such information to their customers because that is part of the expected customer support that comes with the product. Other game companies go into less or more detail about this stuff and from my experience the games that give more information get more customers. That is just the way it is now, and according to a large amount of Gearbox customers they fell short (I have plenty of proof on their very own forums to back me up), and from the low player counts this can be assumed to be part of the cause.

I felt that they were giving enough updates and such, in many of the forums complaining about gearboxes I defended them. But how I feel does not reflect what others feel.

I get what your saying, i would like more detail in the battleplan. At least they arnt like Tripwire over Killing Floor 2 and say nothing while going for months between even minor updates.

Exactly, I know my first post was kinda harsh in that I don’t think they should be praised for communicating more now, but I feel that way because it is now expected that they do so. I felt like their updates were pretty consistent and gave enough details even though I wanted more, but I was fine with what they were doing prior to their now increased communication.