New Character Skins?

Any way we could get skins that actually change the clothing characters wear. The “skins” don’t fundamentally change the character at all.

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They said they would consider that sometime down the line.

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I hope so since there are “probably not” any new vault hunters.

True. B1 you could change the colors of various parts of the outfit.

B2 you could change “heads” (different hair, hat, sometimes glasses or something like that) and “skins” the color and sometimes the pattern of the outfit (i.e. there were a few outfits clearly sponsored by the various manufacturers - the Jakobs ones were pretty decent).

B3 seems to combine both … but badly. It’s not always clear and/or consistent which parts of the skin will be colored (mangled) by the “color” options. In most cases you cannot change Amara’s hair (foolish). For FL4K the color changes also change the colors on his Skag, but since none of the pets are visible in the quick change it’s really hard to work out what does what - and it apparently isn’t consistent across skins.

This system has much potential - which has been mangled into something really annoying.

It’s almost like the dev’s neither played the game, nor asked the opinions of anyone who did while it was in development.

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What i find frustrating is the market the game saying things like 200 skins! But in reality they are just re textures that move the colors around and MIGHT if your lucky put a logo somewhere of the skin which is something I could do in Photoshop in less than and hour.

Also I totally agree with both points you made on Amara and Fl4k.

What sparked this topic for me was the fact that Amara and Moze have the close to the same jacket but are supposed to be different characters. Zane has the same jacket as some of the NPC’s (Oh but it has that spider on the back which doesn’t recolor well). In all the other games the characters not only had more personality in the few moments your character got to speak but they were more unique visually and in a lot of cases game play too.

Sooo… has this been revisited? Why NOT new clothes? Kind of boring with the current system, really. Additionally, I am not a huge fan of some the character design choices - it would be nice to have some more badass or sexy options.