New character suggestion

Name : alchemist
Fast description : The alchemist is a balanced character, able to weaken enemies with different debuffs coming from his abilities, or his particular primary weapon, a hybrid of biotechnology and a weapon recovered from a dead soldier, with an unusually high proc coefficient .
Hp : 110 (+32/lv)
Health regen : 2.0/s (+0.4/lv)
Damage : 11 (+2.2/lv)
Speed : 7m/s
Armor : 10

Passive : When the alchemist kills an enemy, he will become immune to any type of malus for 1 second + 2 seconds for each active malus on the killed enemy.

Primary fire :
Automatically fires bullets that deal 65% damage at a rate of fire of 10 bullets per second. After 2.0 seconds of non-stop firing the rate of fire doubles, and this effect resets after you stop firing for 1.5 seconds. The weapon reloads automatically if you don’t fire for 4 seconds, and holds a maximum of 80 bullets. Accuracy is not affected by rate of fire. Proc coefficient : 1.7

Secondary :
Throw a potion that releases a particular gas. the gas will weaken the enemies hit, which if hit by your weapon, they will catch fire. The gas cloud has a radius of 11 meters, and lasts 6 seconds, dealing 33% damage every second, with a proc coefficient of 2.0.
Cooldown : 7 seconds

Utility :
The alchemist injects a mixture of chemicals into his blood, which allows him to run 65% faster, and jump 50% higher for 12 seconds. Fall damage is reduced by 95% while this ability is active.
Cooldown : 12 seconds

Special :
Launch a container with a lethal and experimental virus, which will infect all enemies in series, slowly leading them to death with ever increasing damage. The virus can pass from an infected person to a healthy one if the two are too close, and it can also affect survivors, but in their bodies it is unable to survive for long. The known effects of the virus are: weakening of the motor system, reduction of accuracy, reduction of defenses and consequent vulnerability to damage, weakening of the immune-defensive system and consequent weakness in status, constant loss of health, certain death in weak or weakened subjects. Do not release in an unprotected environment, and do not come into contact.
Cooldown : 30 seconds (cooldown start once all enemies infected are dead).