New characters and TVHM issue

Okay so the game is fun to play. My family has played through the story on normal then again in TVHM . We have even farmed our brains out during the past few weeks events. Still doing so right now in fact and quite enjoying the Halloween event you guys have just released. And that’s where the trouble began.

We have sooooo much loot now that we wanted to try our hand at the other playable characters. This is where we found out that even though all four of us have completed TVHM together, my account is the only one that it is truely beaten on (when they try to load up themselves it starts them at the begining, and they went on and did the intro to see if it would offer them the ability to skip forward annnnnd that was a no go). And to top that off, if I start a new toon it puts me all the way back at normal mode intro??? Why the heck wouldn’t I be able to just go back into TVHM as a new toon!?! It’s not like level is an issue as we powered each other up with xp and gear, and it’s not like story completion is an issue as we all beat the game twice already. Why in the heckle fudge do I have to play the story two more times just to enjoy a new character (i.e. play in TVHM and be able to equip all of our gear)?! Why?

Are we missing something here or did you all really overlook all of this? Feels like you are force guiding us to only play one character and that is super lame. Do you really need us to enjoy the story eight times (well eight for me 22 times if we count every time we will need to do TVHM on each of thier toons as well…)?! It’s good but, it aint that good guys.


If you guys played through the whole thing together, they should be able to start up their games, finish the very first starter quest, and the game will ask if they want to “fast forward” to their last completed story state. Then it should register they beat it.

If they joined you later than after that first mission, they’ll need to play up to the point where they joined your game, at which point they can do the fast foward thing.

At least, that’s how it worked with my friend and I>

That worked in normal mode but, as I said in OP it didn’t work in TVHM for any one of thier characters. And we played every mission together.

Borderlands games have never allowed this. (The closest was a feature added to BL2 with the recent 5th DLC to start a “boosted” character at level 30 just before the final story mission.)

Just to be clear: if they load their saves up solo in NVHM, does it show that they’ve fully completed the main story mission? The “you’ve unlocked TVHM” comes after that, but you’ll want to double-check that all the final activities (including finding and initially activating the Mayhem terminal) have been completed on each account.


Yes they have TVHM available, and we finished TVHM all together as a team but, if they themselves load up in TVHM (in solo play) it puts them back at the begining (even though we all finished it together).

I suspect they’ll have to do the same thing as previously, but exactly which point they will need to hit to get the ‘skip ahead’ may vary. Unfortunately I’ve not had enough time to play this game (I only just unlocked TVHM on my first character) so I don’t have enough experience to have a sense of how far each person would need to progress.

But we did every mission together (on both normal and TVHM), sitting side by side on two large screen televisions (4 of us split screening). If there would be a mission to hit that would cause a jump shouldn’t it just be the initial intro mission?

And I suppose if TVHM required you to replay on every toon in previous versions of the game that would be fine here but, the game wants us to complete the story on normal and TVHM on each and every character. That’s twenty something play throughs just to play all the different classes. That feels super garbage-y. And we definitely shouldnt have to replay TVHM on characters that already completed it (like in the instance of our first toons)…

I honestly can’t tell you. As I said, I don’t have enough time in the game myself , and I haven’t played split-screen at all yet. It sounds like you may have encountered a bit of a bug, so a support ticket might be in order. You should be able to carry the co-op progress over to solo mode - it’s the way it’s worked in every other Borderlands game. Maybe just take one character and speed-run through in solo on TVHM to see how far you need to get to trigger the “skip ahead”?

The only other thing I can think of is if somehow having a Mayhem Mode selected does weird things to the progression. Have you checked whether that is on or off?

We weren’t able to activate Mayhem until we beat the story on both normal and TVHM (we are on console [ps4]). Unless you mean that maybe it glitched at end of game by turning it on?

Thank you for all your replies and help. Do you know where I can submit a support ticket?

So the recent update fixed that issue - you can turn on Mayhem mode as soon as you reach Sanctuary in TVHM. Had you turned it on at the end of your last co-op session before the others tried loading up in solo mode?

We have had it on ever since we beat TVHM.

That may be the issue? Try getting everyone in co-op, turning it off, then seeing if one of the other accounts can get the TVHM skip ahead to trigger solo.

Okay, I’ll try that once we all get home and let you know how it turns out.

Sounds like fun! Can’t say anything about the issue, though – sounds complicated coordinating 4 accounts :frowning: