New Characters from LVL 1 for youtube

HI, :grinning: I’m Morgan and my GT is: DuchessGmmyBuns
My boyfriend and I are looking for two others to play BHC with for YouTube. We’d prefer older mature individuals (because I’m 22, and he’s 19)
The YouTube channel it will be going on is xo Asylum’s channel Gametrenches

  • Must be okay with starting from level 1
  • No Power Leveling
  • Must have working mic and be okay with talking
  • Must be okay with your audio being recorded for youtube
    If you are interested in playing with us please send me a message or something on Xbox
    :green_heart: Thanks yall

i can play melee zero, im 16 btw, but dont let that stop you from telling less than appropriate jokes! if you want me to play a different class i can. my gt is bjossa

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You’re on Xbox 1 right ?
And have a mic ?

yes i do, im actually playing maya right now, is there any class you would want me to play specifically or just whatever i want to play as?

We prefer for everyone to play as a different character than one another but that would be fine (: as long as I get one of the chick characters I’ll be happy. And are you okay with making a new character with us ?

yeah, well, guess i better start practicing with zero

Zero ? What do you mean lol
You can be whatever character you want.
And we were planning on all starting together from the start. We want to make a series of videos for YouTube from the very start.

i know, i already have another zero save that im practicing on, then ill start a new one for youtube with you guys

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Okay I’m gonna go ahead and add you on xbox

i just added you

Sorry trying to get used to these forums.

Anyway I’m interested in playing if you still need one more.
GT: CreativityFails

was this supposed to be a one time thing? cuz im not able to re add any of you and it just blocked me, tell me whats going on.