New Characters? I vote Nova

After playing the campaign, I think Nova’s probably one of the single most interesting characters that they’ve written thus far, and it’d be terrible if they missed the opportunity to make her into a full-blown Battleborn.


In one of the missions she talks about being put in a robot suit, and there’s been a lot of rumors/speculations that Nova in a robot suit might be one of the DLC characters. Hopefully it’s true

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This may be taboo, given that it’s Mass Effect, and not from gearbox, but I’m thinking some form of constructed body specifically for her would be a nice change of pace (Like what was done for EDI), rather than the robot suit ISIC sits in.


Oh yeah I agree hopefully it wont be like a robot suit Isics in but I was just saying since they hinted at it in the story hopefully they’ll implement her somehow as a DLC character. If they don’t it’ll feel like a let down lol

I want a canine as a new DL character

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It would be kind of weird though because she’s the announcer in PvP

Not really. It wouldn’t have to be a full download. She could just transplant some of her consciousness into the suit and leave the rest in the ship. After all, if there’s anything the campaign has taught us, it’s that she’s invaluable to the story, and putting her in that much danger would be disastrous.

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I´m with you on the EDI-thoughts! :heart: (Great to meet another ME-fan)
She´s very alike to EDI, so I think she´ll be able to be ship and platform at once.

Can only say: The community loves Nova and wants her as playable char since the TechnicalTest times.
I really really hope she´ll be a DLC-character. Or maybe: Nova-skins for all Battleborn^^

My thoughts as well. Though, unlike EDI, Nova’s already a fully characterized person. She doesn’t need to be fleshed out through narrative and hours of gameplay. Just her speech and the way she’s been voice-acted has done that enough. Now, she just needs some kind of machine body to be capable of affecting the physical world. Besides, in one of the comics (I believe it was part 3), she’s shown as a virtual interface that looks very “Cortana-esque”. Wouldn’t take much to just make that physical, now would it? The look is already pretty cool.

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Indeed, Nova is alot more a whole person while EDI is growing through the games (thats why I love her so much^^)

Haaa great to see you love Halo too :smile: Maybe theres even hardlight technology in the BB-universe, so she could be a “physical” hologramm in her current appearence. I really adore her design so far.
Though Robo-suit would be okay for me too.

I just grew up with them, I didn’t actually play Halo. But given that there isn’t any mention of that technology in Battleborn (Otherwise the fighting would be much different), I don’t think it’s there. I’m frankly thinking of something that’s a cross between Leeloo from The Fifth Element and Cortana from Halo (With some kind of light-medium body armor). She’d probably be a Peacekeeper character, given her connection to the ship.

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I don’t know how well that’d fit. That much speed and a smaller hit box? Could be very deadly in the PvP. In order to compensate for all that speed, they’d need to basically explode if you even looked at them funny.

depending on the faction it belong to

LLC could be a robotic dog
UPR a german shepherd
Eldar a dire wolf
rouge a doberman
jennerit something alien

me personal like to see a UPR german shepard could go great with lore a military dog maybe mikes 4 legged best buddy, or benedict’s only friend, because no one else can stand him. he could be military trained

his small size make him harder to hit but he be super fast and have really great jumping

his special passive ability could be he is not affected by other players collision he can walk through them, being small he can squeeze between

his main attack be claw ,claw bite combo,
right mouse can be a bonous sprint even faster run on an endurance meter
ability 1 could be a howl that does a stun
ability two can be a leap attack that lets him launch forward and do chunk of damage to single target
ult can be he flies forward doing a corkscrew spin and anything in his path gets alot of damage

You’re still overlooking one key aspect: game balance. Having a speedy, small, and overall durable crowd-controller makes them ridiculously strong. They’re already harder to hit than most characters, now they’re able to act as a shock trooper and just take a team member out of the fight, and STILL have the health/maneuverability to bail with no repercussions? That begins to skew the game a bit. Caldarius is a shock trooper style character, but he’s also rather big.

most times the small fast characters are the most squishy. this is usually a given

and this dog character would not hit hard either

think of him more as an assassin type character

Which is what balances them. If you’re small and fast, you’re better off in guerrilla style engagements. Sneak up on the opponents, hit them hard in a coordinated assault, and then disappear as fast as possible. I see that being doable. Make this character rather difficult to master. Though I don’t agree with making one of their basic abilities a stun. Not right out of the gate. Maybe a Helix mutation later can turn it into one, but it shouldn’t be a stun as a base ability.

i was thinking stun or a cloak or a vertical leap to a above platform

something more to help a small low HP character escape

Their passive can be their greater maneuverability. They won’t have a double jump, but they’ll have an absolutely insane vertical and horizontal leap distance and a speed that’s, at least, 1.25x as fast as most other characters. Perhaps they’ll even get faster the longer they sprint, up to 2.5x the speed of most. That’d work quite well for their “Shock-trooper” status. They’ll still have very little health and only reasonable auto-attacks, but they’ll probably have a lot of maneuverability. Perhaps even a skill that, when triggered, for the next 10 seconds, whenever they land an attack after sprinting, the greater their sprint distance, the greater the attack’s damage, up to 5x damage after reaching maximum speed (Which would probably be after about 6 or so seconds of sprinting).

i can only dream of something like this

i love any and all fast characters, hence why i play Benedict. the ability to leap, fly and out maneuver any one else is the best

we need more characters that are speed characters like a four legged friend idea :smiley:

It’d be tough for the devs to put something like this into action. Something this fast could absolutely decimate an enemy team if left unchecked. The hit-and-run tactics would make them very deadly in ambushes. I.E., the perfect Jungler.