New characters on PS3 for transfer

I want to delete my characters from my PS3 games to start from scratch on PS4.
I want to maximize the loyalty rewards… so I plan on creating new characters on PS3 to transfer.
Does the BAR that I earned on PS3 go towards the new characters? As in, I can’t clear that out can I? I don’t know if I want do, but I do want to know if I can.

Also, I know the PS4 version has new trophies, but if I move my character back over to ps3, will it unlock ps3 trophies?


I think you’d have to do a full re-install on your PS3 to remove BAR at that end; otherwise any new character you make will still have your BAR.

Delete all characters after uninstalling the game and before you reinstall.

NB: I’m really not sure how well this would work, to be honest - most people want their hard-earned BAR.

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Thank you for the response.

I think you are right, i do not want to give up my bar.