New Class Mod & Grenade Type

So by now we all know the Fishslap synergy with Fl4K’s new Class Mod. My question Is would a grenade with Regen on ASS work much better? Simply, there would never be an issue with grenade capacity at all. Lastly, has anyone tried this Class Mod with the “ extra Rakk attack” modifier? If so, how would this be synergistic with the above?

From what I tested:

The grenade Rakks drop does the same damage as Fl4k throwing the grenade. This is assuming you don’t have anything that increases the damage.

Rakks dropping grenade does NOT consume your grenade. It drops a copy of yours. So Regen anoint isn’t useful here.

The short cooldown for Rakks to drop a grenade is 2.5 secs to 3 secs.

The grenade does proc On Grenade Thrown anoint if your grenade has that anoint.

If your grenade has the anoint Action Skill Active grenade does 150% damage, it does get this boost. I assume because it counts the Rakks flying about as active. However this does not work with Fish Slap. The damage remains the same. I assume this is because Fish Slap does melee damage so increase grenade damage does nothing for it.

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I am unsure what you mean by this. Do you mean the extra charges of Rakks? If so then it doesn’t change anything. Just that you have an extra charge.

Thanks… so what your saying is that even if your nades run empty, your Rakk’s will continue dropping the one you have equipped? Hmmm.

Yes, my apology that’s what I meant. That said if you get this extra charge of Rakk’s it could have a big multiplicative effect I would imagine.

Yes. They will stop drop grenades even if you ran out of yours.

Maybe. Not to sure but the grenade Rakks drop does the same damage as Fl4k throwing the grenade. This is assuming you don’t have anything that increases the damage. Probably should add that there.

Thank you. Can’t wait to try this mod out!!!

No problem. From what I tested, the best grenades for this would be Piss, Tran-Fusion, and Lightspeed.

Fish Slap would have to be built around it.

Have fun with this, I know I am.

Some mentioned Quasar as well. I’m a huge fan of the MIRV Tacular and Recurring but I’ll have to see
How those would work in this situation.

Quasar is pretty fun. As it ragdolls mobs all over the place. Good disrupter, my complaint is that it kind of makes enemies a bit hard to shoot, but that might be just me. Rakks dropping grenades make it more accurate than it being thrown, which I really like. This mod makes it almost like a third augment for Rakk Attack.

Not to sure about Hex grenades, haven’t tried it. I’m sure you would though so let me know, ye?

Of course. Hit me up on messenger would be fun to chat more. PSN: Adam jaz ( one with viking pic )

Nift, just did.

If you run a grenade mod with a Nuke roll it will consume the bonus grenades used to increase the damage.

Outside of the Fish Slap, the best grenade I have used was ones with as many Sticky rolls as possible. I would love to try a Fixative grenade with this COM.

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Word? I need me some stickies. I love this.

I have not even played the DLC yet to assess this, but when I first saw what the COM did, the thing that occurred to me was holding a Rakkslag-anointed Unforgiven while using the Fastball as your grenade. So obviously I have not tried this yet, but has anyone else?

Also wondering if the homing feature carries over to when the Rakks drop the nades. If that’s the case you are guaranteed that they are hitting in target.

Yes it does. Though it just drops it right on them. Any grenade, so far. So it is 100% accurate.

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I guess what I was getting at is the fact that Rakks can crit, but Fk4k can’t normally crit with grenades unless it is the Hunter-Seeker or Hex (as far as I know). Since Rakks can crit, I thought perhaps this new COM might possibly allow the grenades dropped by Rakks to crit? Whether through Megavore or naturally?

I would assume probably not, but again, I haven’t played the DLC at all.

It seems this will take someone trying out each nade option and testing. The Hex nades, Mirv/ Tacular seem to be a great way to go especially if your spamming them in conjunction with your Rakks. Only issue I can see is with dozens of these exploding at once it’s likely to impede your view of the enemies :joy::joy:

The COM spawns a grenade for each Rakk so you should definitely have the augment for +2 Rakks.

The best grenade IMO is the Lightspeed. The grenade itself gets all of your relevant bonuses and the ricochets are based on the original projectile’s damage. The ricochets it creates deal gun damage so they don’t doubledip but can naturally crit and interact with Megavore.