New Class Mod Ideas (because maybe we can think of better ones)

So, there’s a lot of doubts about the new class mods already, despite them seeming pretty reactionary to player complaints (ex. Moze’s lack of health regen skills, new mod giving health regen).

But a lot feel they still fall short. So, maybe we, as players who actually play the game, can come up with ideas that maybe the devs will consider. If you don’t think class mods are not the way to fix certain issues, please suggest other alternatives too!


theres a thread for moze already :slight_smile:

Damn. Thanks though. This one can be more general, as some feel the others lack too.

For Fl4k I had an idea not for a new com but an idea that would make the new Trainer com actually good.

“Whenever Fl4k’s pets damage an enemy theres a % chance it confuses that enemy for 20 seconds. When the Dominated effect ends that enemy is killed. If the enemy is a boss it deals damage over time for 20 seconds instead.”

Would need to come with a stipulation of a max amount of enemies being dominated. And to be clear boss enemies would not be turned to your side at all, only take damage over time.


Ah, so more of a tweak. I went back and read the com description and saw the same problem you must have. How often does FL4K’s pet actually manage to kill?

Yeah also removing that super strange effect of setting the dominated enemies health bar to 25%.


I’m pretty sure there is “Damage” not “kill” :wink:

Also here is a few of Moze COMs ideas:

Not sure what you are saying here. Also the Moze topic was already linked like 3 comments up.

Not the one I linked and I replied to Vladof few comments above.

I was kinda disappointed that Amara got another com revolving around taking damage since Golden Rule already does that. Maybe it’ll be good but I was expecting something else I guess. Anyway, I had an idea that’s basically a weird Infusion-like com.

Basically it converts Amara’s gun damage boosts to Action Skill Damage. It would be like a full on mage spec that could make stuff like Fracture/Downfall/Fist Over Matter worth using at higher difficulties.

I was actually hoping for an offensive melee from this DLC, something that would make the facepuncher less necessary. But I couldn’t really come up with anything solid on that front myself.


I don’t know exactly how it would work, but I’d love a mod that let’s Amara use Blitz the way Athena used Bloodrush. So something that let’s her reset her blitz cooldown by applying a debuff instead of having to kill the target. Also, of course, would have to come with some new major source of damage.

Hybrid Athena is probably my favorite character setup of all the games.




Violent Speed
Supersonic Man
Pocketful of Grenades or Donny.

Zane’s clone gets Violent Momentum damage boost based on a Zane’s movement Speed


A Fl4k COM for all the pet fans:

“I can make them kill at any time”
Can boost: Who rescued Who?, Barbaric Yawp, Sic’Em
Effect: Grants the pets a bonus* to their base damage that is equal to Fl4ks average gear score of their equipped gear in percent. Additionally grants Fl4k 5% lifesteal from all damage their pets do.

Effectively the com would add an additional modifier to the pet damage formula to be the following (for example if the average gear score of equipped gear was 500):

((Pet base & command damage x 5,00*) x sum of additive bonuses) x multiplicative bonus 1 x multiplicative bonus 2 etc.

Edit: the way I inserted the bonus into the formula results in all skills that increase pet damage still keeping their full effectivity as they now just increase the much higher baseline.

Edit 2: And I know we are talking about over 6 times the base damage here, but extreme deficits need extreme measures to compensate.



Flesh Ripper
“These claws aren’t just for show” or something similar.

Violent Momentum
Borrowed Time
Supersonic Man (sorry)

While an action skill is active, all of Zane’s gun damage boosts apply to Zane’s melee instead.

(I added the action skill condition because I don’t think it would be fun to be fully trapped to melee while wearing the com)


This is probably OP but for Fl4k something like
Kill skill, after killing an enemy action skill duration is rest or is extended by a certain %

I main fl4k but I speed leveled a Zane the other day and his class mod seeing dead is unreal, being able to keep his action skills the whole time. The new class mods have really dropped compared to this.

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“May I offer you a drink in these trying times?”

Killing an enemy whilst Digi-Clone is active will spawn a Digi-Clone of the fallen enemy in their place, using the exact same gear that the fallen enemy had. Only works on enemies with guns. If the original Clone was boosted with “Boom. Enhance” the new clone will gain half of those bonuses. Maximum amount of Digi-enemies: 3. If destroyed or when Digi-Clone runs out, the Digi-enemies will explode, dealing minor cryo damage and freezing nearby enemies (I’m talking a guaranteed freeze, like on the Frozen heart shield). Digi-enemies cannot swap with Zane and will not receive any swap-based bonuses like the healing from quick breather.

Skills: Synchronicity, Refreshment, Violent Violence



The Game class mod

“I have always tempered my killing with respect for the game pursued.”

When Fl4k or his pet kills a badass that is marked by the attack command a mark is placed on every enemy in the area applying an attack and movement speed debuff the mark lasts 30 secs and can be refreshed for every marked badass killed. The game begins perk is applied to Fl4k and their pet, giving Fl4k and their pet bonus damage and a lifesteal effect for him and double for his pet on marked targets. The pet also gets a increase in movement/attack speed and critical chance for as long as the perk is on. The pet bonus damage/critical chance increases for every marked target killed.

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That’s really good, Hybrid Athena was really fun.

Another idea I had was more of a rework for the Dragon class mod:
Amara does 500% more melee damage against enemies with low health. If she kills the enemy with a melee hit, she gets full health, gun damage and triggers her action skill augment.

Idk what skills should boost

It would be like the killing blow of Zer0 and inspired by the glory kills from Doom. And also a reason to use Blitz too.



“I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once.”
Skills: Find Your Center? Not sure on others

Effect: Amara’s melee strikes can critically hit. Amara gains increased melee damage and melee attack speed for every successful melee strike critical.

So it’s like a ramp up mechanic for melee but you still need to actually hit those critical spots on enemies (and Find Your Center’s range increase helps with that).

Edit: Other flavor text didn’t make much sense


Moze COMs

“Booom I say! Booom I hear! Booom I feel!”
Can boost: Drowning in Brass, Means of Destruction, Thin Red Line
Effect: When Moze and Iron Bear would take self-damage from splash damage they now regenerate that much health and armor instead. If Moze’s health can’t be regenerated any further she regenerates that much shield instead. Splash damage radius + 30%.

Purpose: This COM is meant to be useable in both splash damage builds and Shield of Retribution/TRL builds. On one hand it opens up additional synergies with certain splash damage items like the Ogre assault rifle, while also supporting the basic Demolition Woman playstyle.

“From the people, for the people!”
Can boost: Matched Set, Stoke the Embers, Vladof Ingenuity
Effect: Moze gains up to 10% lifesteal, depending on her currently held weapon’s fire rate. The higher the fire rate, the higher the lifesteal (max bonus at a fire rate of 12+). She also gains up to +35% weapon damage, depending on the magazine size of her currently held weapon. The higher the magazine size, the higher the bonus (max bonus at a mag size of 70+).

Purpose: This is what Vladof Moze needs in her arsenal to wage war against the upper class. It fixes the DPS issue many Vladof guns have and also gives a skill tree that otherwise has no survivability whatsoever, equipment-related survivability.