New class mods? dlc

there are new class mods for the new dlc? im farming a lot but i find only guns… but i find a new purple class mods for mooze(i think) it was tiger colored like dahl that gives a green skill and an orange… i forgit the name and i trow it away it seems…

Apparently no new coms :frowning:

oh :frowning: i wanted something new for mooze, the tentacles one is not that good

I hope this is a sign for the upcoming new skilltree xD

Maybe they might buff underperforming comms like rakk Commander

I want skilltree >___<

Yea I do to but you gota admit it would be nice if some underperforming mods were a bit better. I’m sure every character has those mods people would never touch.

Balance would be nice
But look their their poor attempts to balance anything in the game
It takes months
Maybe give us something to play with in the meanwhile xD

Beens the new skill tree is pink, maybe its coming with dlc 4,cos the teaser art for dlc4 is all bright colours including pink…hmmm