New Class Mods in DLC 6?

Where can I see details on these new class mods in dlc 6?

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The new classmod for moze

Iron bear and cub gain upto 80% more minigun-damage based on the heat status of the weapon.
Mine roled with +2 on a 1 point skill.


Zanes and Fl4ks plz!

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Is that from the raid?

The final boss of Ava´s questline dropped it.

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So Moze’s new DLC 6 class mod has skills locked behind DLC 5. So how would that even work with players without DLC 5.


Adding Fl4k and Amara’s from bl3 reddit.


Free grenades for Fl4k that’s…cute? Peregrine seems better for 'nade spam though. The Skills are cool. 2 of the best skills on Purple tree but isn’t Monkey Do still buggy?

i think free granade is kinda lame
i mean for a classmod it is


Agree 100%

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That Fl4k class mod looks like the latest in a line of trash ones added by DLC. Tr4iner, Cmndlt, now this. Amara’s new one just dropped on Moxsy’s stream and looks like it could be excellent. Third skill not shown in the image above is Atman (+% action skill damage).


Moze’s looks better than Fl4k’s but still pretty niche. Basically is an Iron Cub mod since going without splash damage on Iron Bear means going without life steal. And I’m guessing this is outdone by the Flare which also grants you damage and not just IB/IC.

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i like how
moze 80% more minigun dmg ( ■■■■ any other thing on her, they ignore all the other ones rly hard on her… you would imagine thy bring you 10 more classmods for each of her weapons on the mech to change them up but nop)

amara 250% wpn dmg if you get a kill with remnant orb… OKAY

fl4k hi ur pet made a crit, have a granade… thats it? bro at least give my pet some dmg, or my granades get a big boy dmg boost so you go full grenadier with fl4k.

talk about unfair, moze has propably the biggest amount of classmods that work. zane has 2 whole COMs that are decent, cant say anything for amara, but poor fl4k gets nothing.


YOOO! Nobody found Zanes yet?? Did it maybe get break-fixed by swapping the names so now it’s not dropping?? Cause the Spy is still the Spy on my item card and no critical mass!

no bl3 content without ■■■■ not working on release

Maybe I am missing something that I have not thought about because it has been a while since I played, but that Fl4k COM does not interest me even a little bit. And I was so hopeful that I could be excited about trying something new. I’d be interested to hear if any other Fl4k mains feel the same as me. I don’t see how the COM would be particularly useful just OTOH.

Thanks for sharing.

I wonder what makes this mod interesting compare to her other mods – assuming there aren’t undocumented OP mechanics with this mod

honestly i can think of some rly fun stuff with fl4k and what COMs he could get like
fl4k has 2 more stacks rakk attack and per stack he throws out 1 more rakk, plus he gets back 1 charge on kills,

fl4ks jabber gets an exact copy of his weapon… AT ALL TIMES

fl4ks spiderant can spawn in 2 smaller spiderants for a little spiderant army

fl4ks skagg can become skaggzilla and has a whole new movelist, like the laser, firebreath, stomp, effectivly spawning in an invincible

fl4kks granades can crit for a massiv burst of dmg while he is invisible

fl4k gets for crits extra elemental damage DoTs

while dominating an enemy fl4k gets a 50% dmg boost and takes 70% less dmg

fl4ks bot becomes mini helios space station and bombards the area ( like jack did in bl2) with bots, like exploder bots who run the enemies down and it works like zanes drone bombardment.

honestly the limit is the sky here


Any of the things you suggested would be more interesting than what we got, it seems to me. Which was the point of my post in the first place - I figured maybe I was not thinking very clearly and there must be something I missed, because this COM just seems terrible on first blush.

im no fl4k main cuz i think his potential is there but they havent done anything with him over his entire life.
i tried, but vs any other hunter he just feels boring and his prets are super fking annoying. :I it pains me as he has so much potential

■■■■ me give him zeros kkunais as a special melee he can do while invisible,
or make my granades do 300% more damage for 20 seconds when my pet crits… like amara gets 250% dmg for killing ■■■■ with her orbs

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