New classmod ideas

so how about we do some classmod ideas, if you do keep it short to make them simpler to read, and do tell me if you like my idea

1 moze : combustion,
DoT dmg has a 5% chance to trigger short fuse

2 fl4k : trigger,
while full shield effects do not have a penalty, while shiled full effects stay refreshed as long as shield full.

3 Zane : NADE THIS,
per active actionskill, granades will deal an additional 125% dmg,
killskill : regenerate 1 granade

4 Amara : Legendary Siren,
amara wields her current actionskill twice ( like zane can have two AS, replacing granades)

just a few ideas, would like to know if these ideas are somewhat interesting

Legendary Beastmaster COM


Bad skag. REALLY bad skag.

For every 1% of pet damage FL4K has, they gain 0.5% bonus radiation damage for all of their attacks. +30% pet damage.

Skills boosted: Furious Attack, Frenzy, Psycho Head on a Stick

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You might find a few in here

Just gotta search for class mod or com I guess