New com "Sapper" First Impressions plus farming spoiler

I tested this on Proving Grounds Fervor M4. I can now run Sitorak and 1v1 those badass aggro tanks using a Redistributor (not the best gun for 1v1). I can see my hp filling up then my shields recharging.

Prior to this com, when I run a Blast Master with Sitorak, I just die quickly.

Spoiler alert for farming below:
Also I found a good early place to farm for legendaries including the new com. It’s right afyer Cursehaven - Olmstead Square. There’s a bunch of triple red bar enemies there.

Edit: I was fighting inM4 with an enemy mod of extra 40% weapon dmg and lvl 53 gear


Any chance u can screenshot the spot on the map and share?

See where my crosshair is.

Edit: I am sure there are other places but this is the first area where I was able to farm stuff.

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Big question- does it work with IBs miniguns?

Unfortunately I dont use IB’s miniguns (at least with my main Moze).

So it looks like DPJ thinks the area I am pointing at is the best area to farm all legendaries of DLC2. See

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best place by far is the boss at the end of the dahl ship. simple fight, save point right there with ammo vendor, pops like gigamind.

Which map is this?

negul neshai

I did a couple of runs with this Empowered enemy in Negul. His drops aren’t any better than Amach in Cursehaven. If we are nitpicking, Empowered has immunity (not a big deal) so he takes longer to kill (not a big deal again). It also takes longer to go to him unlike Amach for first timer and people who are running for dlc2 first time.

Ammoch isn’t a guaranteed spawn.

Really? I’d been running with him from 1am to 4am (cant sleep) and 10am to 12nn and he always spawns for me

It’s definitely not every run it’s spawning, does seem to be very frequent though.

Anybody encounter a Sapper that dropped with more than 1 point into MoD?

I haven’t got one to drop at all. I got a godroll Zane com, and about 8 ■■■■■■ Trainers and that’s it for coms.

Yeah I got one with +2 MOD. The stats aren’t great though. Like what kabflash said, there’s A LOT OF FLAK COMS!

i saw 1 sapper, 2 stones, and about 30 trainers in my playthrough+farming yesterday.

i think they did the opposite as dlc1. rather than push the COM for your class it pushes one for a different class. the zanes i was watching yesterday were mostly getting sappers.

feels like BBB+ red tree capstone build can be a thing now

I seriously killed Eisto for an hour straight, dropped maybe 10 coms total and only one Moze com.

eisto’s just a bad farm in general.

its likely the same reason that goliaths are horribly unrealiable in farm; they can’t change loot priority based off of level/stage, so higher versions of the target get the same loot as the base.

Xam and Tom are really good farm it seems. There’s a savepoint on either side of the room right next to them and it’s a very easy kill, they are dropping me multiple DLC drops each time.