New com "Sapper" First Impressions plus farming spoiler

Yeah I got only 1 in all my farming with Moze (a lot) and I got about 10+ with Fl4k in one day of casual playthrough and just running around.

Not fully on topic, but I’m so happy that the Sapper is better than most people thought before release. Should be a lesson to not preemptively judge something or someone :wink:


To be fair, most people knew it would work well. It’s just extremely restrictive and boring to use. It makes you invincible if you just hold the trigger down with Forge which was unexpected. But the problem people have wasn’t how effective it’d be.


I thought it was gonna be super bad when I thought it capped at 12% but since it’s actually uncapped it’s a lot stronger.

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How does it actually work? Up to 12% of damage output?

No it has no cap.

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Oh yeah. Roughly 12% Per second. Crikey.

I saw the COM and thought it would be good. It’s what many have been asking for months. Moze has never had an issue with damage, it was always sustain.

I mean, even 12% of your dps is a hell of a lot of healing. Like doing a 150k hit would be enough to completely fill your bar. Life steal isn’t based on your health it’s based on damage output.

It just so happens that without a limit it’s way too good because even a weaker gun doing 10k can heal you in a single hit when it starts getting into the 200% range.

Ps dank are you going to revisit the ion cannon build with sapper? It fills your health every shot.

Im digging the Sapper it has potential.
Here’s a little run on M4 SS with my wip Sapper build.

Not really because the ION/Scourge build (I’ve combined them lately) hardly ever takes damage anyways since it just 1 shots everything.


I think noone were questioning it’s effectiveness, the problem i had, and still have is that it’s quite boring, unimaginative class mod.

You trade so much away for another sustsin option which honestly, does not feel that much better than CMT healing. Each are better than the other in certain situations. If you miss your shots with sapper due knockback, enemies evading etc etc it could be costly. CMT allows of better sustain on the move in my experience.

I still prefer mind sweeper and blast master as they’re both good damage coms and offer good survivability.

Sapper also does not off any synergy to green monster, rocketeer, raging bear, bear tropper or even iron bear itself So you’re still forced into vampyr for all those builds, except for green mosnter none of them even offer damage to make them worth it.

But i’m rambling. :joy:


Haha oh yeah true. Best defence.

Well no haha…

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Shhh, you know what i mean :joy:

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Haha I got you.

But yeah the Sapper com is boring and a bandage. Without Vampyr you have to hold the trigger down for a while to make it useful and I know I’m not the only one that scoffs at that. It’s the absolute worst playstyle in my opinion. I have to actually go into my settings and change my sensitivities when using a controller to even attempt it so I can move around smoothly and go in and out of ads to make sure I hit shots.

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Yeah doesn’t feel great to me either. Redistributor worked pretty well though. I just focused on the biggest target and let the chains do the rest.

Though to be fair, it felt like i were playing zane or amara at that point. :joy: i even went all in with cutsmen on wotan.

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Ok finally got a Sapper… not the best roll and to be fair , it’s missing the 25% gun damage bonus from my Blooletter , so right off the bat its 25% less damage, plus missing 2 points in Phalanx doctrine and 2 points in desperate Measures the Com provides, plus missing the entire 5 points I had in Drowning in Brass due to me speccing in green and blue tree for the Sapper .

That’s a LOT of lost damage. A LOT.

and man does it show. I usually test me setups on either the Anvil or Lectra City since CoV are the toughest enemies and annoited are a good measuring stick .

Sure holding down the fire button indefinitely with an AR is great , but strangely gets boring real fast .i wasnt expecting that. It’s just not stop, automatic fire for what feels like forever.

I also respected into green and red trees instead of green and blue, but it took so long to get a kill I was rarely getting a stack of DiB or Phalanx docrine at all.

So I dont know… maybe with a better sapper build . And there is also the next 2 mags will have bonus element damage… I never paid attention to those with moze but now with no reloading this could be a massive damage boost

If you’re running Sapper in the main story, you are taking the hard route in game. It ain’t easy mode. Holding fire that long just to get a kill is a sure way to get bored and tiring.

I’d go with Blast Master or Mind Sweeper in most cases. Personally I see no reason to use Sapper in the main story even at M4. Moze can survive enough in the main story and Proving Grounds and even Shaft with let’s say Blast Master. Add the new Guardian Rank and it’s even easier.

The only time where I would recommend Sapper is in solo True Takedown.

Edit: With Mayhem 2.0 and op levels coming, things might change.

Try full red/green with 125% incendiary annointed weapon and pearl of knowledge relic.

While the damage does not compare to blast master, it did hold it’s own.

This or just do a SF meta build with the Pearl. You still overkill everything and have no issues at all. The Pearl completely negates the need for most of the SoR trees gun damage boosts. Try to get a Sapper with splash boost and AR boost.

Say goodnight to the bad guys, same story different com.

@evenflow80 gun damage boost on mod is not a great roll to get. Splash + gun type will go much further for dps regardless of what skills/com you use. If you aren’t using splash, then still gun type boost will be better if you have the choice.