New com "Sapper" First Impressions plus farming spoiler

This or just do a SF meta build with the Pearl. You still overkill everything and have no issues at all. The Pearl completely negates the need for most of the SoR trees gun damage boosts. Try to get a Sapper with splash boost and AR boost.

Say goodnight to the bad guys, same story different com.

@evenflow80 gun damage boost on mod is not a great roll to get. Splash + gun type will go much further for dps regardless of what skills/com you use. If you aren’t using splash, then still gun type boost will be better if you have the choice.


I’m having Vietnam BL2 Health gate flashbacks!!!

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My impression: Running true takedown with sapper, sitorak and pearl and it got the job done. Good thing it kept me alive and either sitorak or TD where running 24/7. The holding down the fire button tho was annoying af. I still wish for skills that provide a way to heal health and recharge shields like axtons quick charge.

In SS it was ok i guess. I prefer to use my green monster with +5 SRPMs tho.

As much as this com annoys me, it does what it does. Keeping you alive.

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Yes, a better Sapper build will give you far better results but I will still go with Blast Master if I am just running campaign and Proving Grounds. Practically speaking Sapper isn’t bad. It gets the job done. If you really wanna test your build with a bunch of anointed enemies, test it in Fervor M4.

So I did a casual test with Blast Master and Sapper coms in Fervor M4. Same mayhem modifiers (I just switch map to maintain the mods). Take note this is a BT/GT build. Nothing in SoR.

  • Sapper with Radiation Redistributor - finish with 17 mins remaining

  • Blast Master with Radition Redistributor - finish with 19 mins remaining

  • Sapper with Scourge - 21 mins remaining

  • Blast Master with Scourge - 23 mins remaining.

Blast Master is still easy mode, but Sapper isn’t bad. I am pretty sure not many folks will complain that you finish the run with 2 mins extra (unless you are doing speed runs or bragging rights)

Edit: The survivability that Sapper gives provided me ZERO advantage when I was running with Scourge.

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How is that? Gun damage 25% across the board is better than 30% assault rifles etc isn’t it ?

If you’re not using an Assault Rifle I suppose. But gun specific boosts are a different multiplier while weapon damage is just additive to your weapon’s damage. You’ll get significantly more dps if you use the proper weapon type bonus stat.

Check here for the formula

Under Bullet Damage

Bullet Damage = Normal Hit x Special Multipliers x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank

Normal Hit formula

Normal Hit = Gun Damage x [ 1 + Armored Infantry + Drowning in Brass + Desperate Measures + Phalanx Doctrine + Tenacious Defense + Click, Click… + Class Mod Manufacturer Damage + Class Mod General Weapon Damage ]

This is your generic weapon boost

Special Multipliers = (1 + Class Mod Weapon Type Damage + 25% on Grenade Throw Anoint ) x ( 1 + Eruption ) x ( 1 + C-C-Combo bonus + Victory Rush )

This is your gun type boost

Bullet Damage = Normal Hit x Special Multipliers x Critical Damage x Guardian Rank

Back to the first formula. So your Normal Hit is all additive to each other. This includes your weapon’s card damage and your generic weapon damage boost. The Special Modifier is a multiplier to all of that.

I dont really do the Takedowns, just the game at M4. If my only intention was Takedown, then I’d easily switch my bloodless deathless build to blast master build (I have all god roll gear for that too)

The reason I stick with Bloodless and deathless combo is because it allows me to use ALL guns. I dont have to stick to only splash damage, and I don’t have to use guns with high mags or only full auto weapons etc

I know mind sweeper also doesn’t limit your weapon variety, but I find once you get 2 kills and trigger drownjng and brass and Phalanx, plus the constant damage bonus from desperate measures and Desthless relic , far out weigh the dps of the micro grenades of mind sweeper

Thanks a lot man for writing all that. Much appreciated .

I’m just trying really hard not to limit the type of weapons I use. Something most Moze builds seem to do… it’s why I still run a deathless and bloodless build.

I just want to have fun with all the different weapons and not be shoe horned into a niche play style

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How does Pearl negate SoR damage boosts ?

At best the Pearl maxes out at 35%…

Just two measly kills with 5/5 in downing in brass already surpasses that at 40% added gun damage , never mind more kills after that, and never mind the DPS boosts of Phalanx doctrine and desperate Measures if you use a deathless relic or have points j thin red line .

I don’t know the Pearl seems great but for moze the above skills easily out class it

The nice thing about the Consecutive hits annointment in comparison to the Peael is the firmer caps out at a massive 200% added damage and as we recently learned you can easily maintain the timer even if you dont shoot an enemy directly. It’s far more versatile

The pearl is actually way more powerful than it states. I don´t have the exact number in my head but it was more than 100%.

If that’s the case, considering you’re going up SoR and there’s a lot of weapon damage boosts there’s some other ones you could keep an eye out for. Ideally for your case would be one for each weapon type but that’s improbable. Crit Boost would be fantastic, Elemental boost is limiting but great. Anything not weapon damage but they’re all slightly more limiting. Fact is generic weapon damage is broad, but really not doing anything for your build. If you keep stacking it it diminishes your return because its all based off your base weapon damage no matter how high you stack it.

Variety is the name of the game when you want to get more damage. Think of all the possible damage multipliers, the more you raise those evenly the more damage you’ll do. All your eggs in one basket and you lose a massive amount of DPS.

It isn’t.
Here’s the actual math for it

It’s 120% gun damage (combined with CH anointment, that’s 320 max gun damage…) You’re 30% from TD and a few stacks of PD and DiB won’t really add a whole lot more damage to your build now. Also the initial stacks appear to be an unknown separate multiplier. While that has nothing negative with your build, it’s nice to know why the artifact is beefing up your DPS so much.

Ps I’m in the same boat as you. I try to make my builds able to use what I want to use. The soulrender and gatlin clairvoyance might be guns you enjoy. Not as much screen pollution while still benefiting from splash.

Please, let me judge the new Fl4k com in the same way! But how …

I love the Soul render

But I also love the Shrediffier , the Maggie , the Butcher, the Night Hawkin , Iron Bear … and as you can see they have absolutely nothing in common :frowning:

I wish you can see my build . It’s pretty common to my surprise. You seem to know a ton about damage formulas and such, I could use a few pointers .

Let me see how people post their builds on here and I can show you . But for simplicity I use bloodless and deathless relic with transformer shield … 2 points in desperate measures , should I switch out deathless for Pearle ? Transfomer for stop gap or recharger?

Any way to farm Pearl ? One I got has a useless xp bonus on it

The Pearl is too good really. I stopped using it personally, it’s probably on the chopping block for a nerf. Farming it is a pain because you have to reload old saves to farm it. If it gets nerfed badly that’d suck to waste the time farming it, but if they only remove the ridiculous extra 100% damage it’d still be good but nothing too crazy.

Transformer is fine, though it’s usually best used with shock healing. Recharger is great, but useless on a Deathless Build. Same with Stop-gap.

Are you only putting 2 points in DM or your mod has 2 points on it? Max it out with a Deathless. Any other Artifact is going to give you better survivability than a Deathless but you do you.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with Slam Artifacts since the new GR. Right now I’m using a Spark Plug with Consecutive Hits weapons and a Mitosis Hunter-Seeker. No real need for a Pearl that way. I’m using the Sapper, even though it’s dumb, I like being able to use different grenades.

My Faisors only build is still my favourite loadout in quite a long time. It’s the perfect weapon, I don’t know why everyone doesn’t have one with them at all times on Moze. It has a very powerful, fast firing fully automatic (Sapper synergy) elemental splash shotgun that regens ammo on its own, and it has an elemental AR that can shoot quickly with a large mag for flying enemies. The shotty also stacks CH pretty quickly… With the Pearl it’s bonkers, the 3 shot can proc the max bonus.

I just rip @Prismatic’s math off and take all the credit :shushing_face:

I just finished the DLC (great stuff, really) and I put together an impromptu sapper build, speccing in forge+short fuse, using a consecutive hits rad redistributor and a consecutive hits corrosive conference call. And a pearl mag size+fire rate.

What the hell. Just to test the new com I did a run of scaled TD with +40% enemies damage and I completed it first time …w/o equipping shields or grenades. That com makes you invincible as long as you are shooting o.O

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yeah, i’m torn on this one. i mean, it’s offering insane amount of power but if they nerfed it to 35% - 40% that it says on the card would i use it? it can’t roll any damage secondary rolls so a nice rolled victory rush / otto’s idol would still be my preferable choice as both of them can get secondaries that affect IB’s damage aswell.

what i do like about the insane bonus i get from this is that it does allow me to use COMs that aren’t blast master and still do well. obviously i can also pair it with blast master and get even more out of it and the most of the time, i will. but really, that’s the running theme isn’t it? “… or just use blast master and do it better!”

Red / Green tree + BM = great.
Green / Blue tree + BM = excellent.
Red / Blue tree + BM = decent.

perhaps pearl relic will finally allow me to play around with a rocketeer build without leaving me with the feeling that i loose out on so much damage by not using BM. i assume mind sweeper will benefit form this relic too.

damnit, i’m rambling again! :scream: :nerd_face:

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Actually the pearl could be doing exactly what it says, except that the 15% and the 20% are 2 different modifiers. If you do the maths with that in mind, you find that it’s equal to a 120% modifier.


Does pearl affect IB damage too ?

It is a balance act if you ask me. I for one speculated that Fl4ks new com would also work with Fl4ks own Dominance skill as that seemed like the most sensible thing to do and they also used differing terminology, “confusion” for pets and “dominated” for the second half of the effect. I haven’t used or even found the com yet, so I couldn’t tell you what it does and when I asked people didn’t give me a useful answer. “It’s ■■■■” isn’t a helpful description.

Regarding the Sapper com I thought that they might have learned and just drastically shortened the wind-up time to get to the 12% lifesteal, like 1-3 seconds or so. The way it is now is even better, but feels like a bug as there is no way anyone in their right mind would just give Moze infinite lifesteal as she can fire endlessly with all her ammo regen.

Overall I just try to not make up my mind too much about pretty much anything in terms of expectations, as that will set me up for disappointment. For BL3 it works so far. Let’s hope that lasts^^

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Nope. Neither Pearl bonus affects life steal.