New Community day

Hello I was just wanting to get a thread started for a new Community Day to be brought to GBXs attention tht we want one. Please make a comment of some sort to show support to get Gearbox to take notice.


Oh yes! I’m all in!

Community day with some new gear would be great!


I would love one!

If there was one I would … … Dance …

Ya I almost feel this needs to be put under the Gearbox section by a Mod so that Jeff would see it and pass the word…

It does technically belong there. So moved.

Thank you :smiley:

A overall general community day thats what Id love to see, for TPS, BL1, and BL2…

Anyway, to keep this thread going anybody have suggestions theyd like to make to Gearbox as to what theyd like to see during the Community Day?

Ok so nobodys been on here making any remarks ill just mention this again, if you want another Community day event post something or feel free to strike up a conversation.

I want it. need it. It would also increase community moral. When GBX does this kind of things, the players feel like it is something more than just game. Or something to that effect. You should list the people who want it in the OP. That way GBX can see all of the people who want it.

Wish I knew how to set that up other than type everybodies name down, if anyone can help me do this Id appreciate it. Im not too technologically literate.

Some good suggestions for items, Grog Nozzle especially for the Ps4 and Xbox 1 players, andthe rest of us whod like to own one. The Shredifier, still no legit drop source, maybe make the Train drop more rarer loot. Norfleets actually drop a bit more easily from Hyperius, and you can ACTUALLY get Twisters from other enemies besides Triple-O.

Please @Jeff, we need this to get people back excited again about the Borderlands community like never before. The community needs to thrive while we await the Gargatuan arrival of BORDERLANDS 3.

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Not to mention @joe_king, having opportunities at the heads and skins we missed for the last community day.

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What happened in prior community days?

I liked the BL2 thirty day loot hunt. Is that what you’re talking about?

Or are you refering to things like the Halloween skin for deadlift and the soldiers?

Whatever it would be, I’m always up for more stuff in Borderlands!

I believe in the prior community day, there was MUCH better drops, things of rarity would drop considerably more often. Fastballs, a legit Grog Nozzle, dropped from several different sources. I dont know a whole lot of other specifics, but there were a number of skins and heads available that people missed out on. Id like to see more eridium, maybe even some tales from the borderlands equipment get dropped into the loot pool. Certain things like the hornet, infinity, shredifier, slow hand, and a number of other COMS and pearls become quite a bit easier to come by. Butchers, godfingers and so on. Heads from the Bunker, and several others the drop rates be tweaked some. Then the TPS, have UBAS, drop chances buffed to drop the new loot, any heads and skins that are rare increased. And the grinders ability to pump out new or more uniques increased significantly. Thats a good start for a community day :slight_smile:

Oh and another thing, making Triple-O, vermivorous much easier to get evolved along with improving their drop rates, norfleets, twisters and heads oh my…

I kinda wish they would assign a drop location for the community day skins seeing as the games life cycle is pretty much complete.