New Community Patch 2.0 does this to Skills!


Put your thinking caps on…the “conventional” ways to play Axton may have just changed dramatically:

All the changes to Assault Rifles
All the changes to E-Tech
All the changes to Bandit
Non Elemental looks WAY more inviting
New Speciaist Com and Shotguns…Especially NE
Legendary Grenadier
Cobra is actually quite good now for an Explosive Sniper
Center Tree and Nuke…just WOW!

  1. Increased the base damage of Axton’s turret by 20% and gave it 20% more fire rate.
  2. Sentry: Replaced Burst fire with Fire rate, 3% per point.
  3. Laser Sight: It’s 5% per point, and in addition it adds turret damage as well.
  4. Removed the damage penalty from Scorched Earth (It was 15% turret damage penalty)
  5. Crisis Management: Replaced the melee damage with damage reduction.
  6. Double up: Removed the 15% turret damage penalty.
  7. Impact Replaced Melee damage with accuracy.
  8. Overload: 5% Per level but it affects all gun types.
  9. Battlefront: Replaced melee damage with critical hit damage.
  10. Duty calls: Replaced fire rate with additive critical hit damage, changed gun damage to 10% per point
  11. Ranger: Now it’s 2% per point.
  12. Nuke: Doubled the damage of Nuke, and the fire dot by x5.
  13. Preparation is now 4% shield capacity instead of 3%.
  14. Last Ditch Effort: Changed gun damage to Weapon Swap Speed, 12% Per point.
  15. Forbearance: Replaced Max health with Damage Reduction, 2% per point.
  16. Phalanx Shield: Doubled the capacity of Phalanx Shield.

Wasnt the gun damage better?
Anyway, everything so far seems promissing without the risk to be OP. I would like to see the changes to the other classes. The only one I couldbl see was Maya in Derch video.

Agreed…that is the only part of the patch that confuses me a little.

Perhaps they thought that with Crisis Management buffed…Last Ditch Gun Damage made Axton too powerful when dead…

I actually LIKE that additional boost to gun damage and I spec some points in Last Ditch at the Peak and The Magic Slaughter…gets me OUT of FFYL faster.

@shadowevil1996 Do you remember the reasoning behind the Last Ditch change??

It was because it was going to be FFYL time, but that didn’t seem to work since the skill only activates in FFYL. Swap speed was chosen as the replacement. I think the reasoning was because it would be too much gun damage, but I’ll let Shadow answer that part.


Yeah the skill is not something I am too impressed with myself after the changes. Everyone that picked the skill did so for the gun damage with the move speed being a nice touch, but not something that was as good as the move speed damage. For me personally it is now a filler skill rather than something that is useful and I kinda wish the Legendary Pointman COM didn’t boost it.

does this patch alsom apply to PS3 versions of BL2?

Dammit! :slight_smile: