New Community Patch 2.0! WOW!

A lot of the conventional thinking about how to play Axton may have just gone out the window! If you didn’t think Axton could do non-elemental with great success…better take a look at the new Specialist Com, and what he’s done to Duty Calls!

And ARs …Just Wow!! Bearcat, Seeker, Bandit, and E-Tech…Oh My!

And a really intriguing change to the Ogre!

Is Duty Calls multiplicative now? If so, the non-elemental Omen is perhaps his best gun haha

No I don’t think it is multiplicative but it is 10% per point. So 10/5 Duty Calls from the Specialist Com is 100% additive Gun Damage

Plus another 55% from Onslaught on a Kill since he added Onslaught in replacement of Forbearance.

Plus another approx 40% from the Specialist com Passive since he replaced SMG Accuracy with Shotgun Damage

Add an Aggression or Ancient Relic that gives Multiplicative Damage now and who needs elements!

NE Shotguns will be HUGE methinks with the Changes.

NE Pistols and ARs as well…maybe even NE SMGs… GASP, what a concept! LOL

The changes are significant indeed. My Leatherneck build can now plow through OP8 with surprising efficiency.

As for Jakobs shotguns, well:

Edit: This was prior to the 2.0 version’s release, but still gives everyone an idea of how well Axton did previously.

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The change to grenade launcher type ARs was long over due. It’s pretty amazing that was a thing that needed to be corrected. I’m pretty jealous of you PC players.

Just ran about 6 runs of the Beatdown with the new patch

Change to the Ogre = sweet…no spin up time and hits a wee bit harder plus no penalty on the crit

Change to the Seeker…Oh My…DEFINITELY a player now

Change to the Bearcat = WOW…might just be the most effective AR in the Game for Axton…just WOW!

Changes to Nuke = Better…much better…still not sure I’d use it but “Nuke Guys” will love it.

Changes to Ranger = A Chaotic Neutral Ranger with a +6 in Ranger and a +5 in Impact is just unbelievable…You give up some turret time and turret damage as well as some tank skills…but dat Firerate!!! Oh my…and a 22% boost to 7 skills is just pretty darn good!! Heck even a Legendary Soldier and a 5/5 Ranger is excellent!

Overall…I thought the Turret was definitely better but not OP. It was NOT killing stuff left and right but it could kill and it did seem to slag enemies faster.

BIGGEST change I noticed besides the Bearcat was Phalanx Shield…the darn thing actually stayed up for 3-7 seconds in a heavy fight…not the split second paper it used to be at all.

Love it!!

I need to run the Peak and the Magic Slaughter with these new capabilities…kind of an Acid Test if you will.

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