New competitive game mode idea, Horde mode

so the horde mode that was talked about in beta in story really is not horde mode it is more defend spot a for 5 mins then move to next spot and defend that spot

to me a horde mode is something like i played in Gears of war, were me and my friends could hold up in any spot on the map and the waves knew where to find us and they were out to kill us, not a defend this object.

so in this hoard mode matchmaking should be more of gears of war style where we can get a open map. in the map mobs can spawn in many spots and try to overcome us

another horde mode idea will keep to the lanes we know.

there will be maybe 2-4 lanes the minions will march to a grinder like in meltdown and we have to stop it as a team, the longer the game goes the more and more minions are sent till finally the team is over run

also possible both modes can have up 2 ten players since it is all co-op

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“New competitive game mode idea, Horde mode” I am not to sure if this is supposed to be sarcastic or not

it is late for me, i know it is more PVE play but it be for the competitive play people since it is more fast pace

also my english grammar is not the best.

In all honestly I want a horde mode, its a lazy mode and people would rip on it, but I’ve always enjoyed horde mode.
Particularly with some of the ridiculous challenges like knock back 250 enemies with a skill, I think horde mode would be good.
Not original, but i’d really enjoy one.


I was more saying that saying “new idea” then saying “horde mode” kinda counters eachother out, horde mode is the oldest mode in the book not saying it wouldnt be bad, 10 players would be a crazy number of to much but I would still enjoy just some simple honest to goodness killing

ah ok, when i wrote new, i was thinking the “new game mode” should be horde mode

Im down for anything that lets me just kill things especially if it gives rewards based off performance and doesnt require you to pretect anything

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Like in the first trailer with the massive horde.

Your horde mode would be more fun than the defend an objective one. If anyone wants an example of their idea of defending objectives, just play ‘The Saboteur’.

Played all of the missions and saboteur was fun. I’d love to see some for of horde game. How would Marquis do?

I wouldn’t know I’ve never passed it. Apparently it’s easier solo maybe I should try that.

The whole campaign can be done solo. If all else fails try ISIC