New COMs in DLC?

Any word on new COMs? Would love a Legendary Femme Fatale.

I would just like a com with Tear and Omega-Senshu in the same com…

COMs made in Claptraps mind… oh man I don’t think they would be… sane…

Maybe one would have +5 to Phoenix, Two Fang, and Tombstone in the same com :stuck_out_tongue:

Equips COM…


Wait… waaat?!

Wrong. You are now a Ninja Cowgirl Siren :stuck_out_tongue:

Dang, all i saw was +5’s and wondering how it does damage…

Glitched COMs would be quite hilarious.

omg lol what if your com had a skill that boosts a team mate over yours. Say +3 tombstone and if a Nisha joins the party, they get the bonus of your mod. Wat?! Wait, no tombstones too broken xD

This Wilhelm com boosts Inspire by 12 points.

Timothy joins your game. Timothy won’t ever shut up for more than 3 seconds, and no one knows why.

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Wilhem loots Glitched Com with decent stats and a bonus that just says “???”. He equips the com and everything seems fine. He enters combat and launches Wolf and Saint only something’s wrong them, they look like Claptrap’s winged mini-traps. They talk and joke like Claptrap. They still do their normal jobs, but every now and then Wolf drops a Torgue Fiesta or Clap in a Box or becomes the Pirate Ship. The next time he launches them they’re back to normal.

Fragtrap equips a Glitched Com and when he activates his action skill random enemies and creatures spawn to help him.

The Baroness’s Glitched Com makes her action skill occasionally does the other elements instead of cryo. They still get the bonuses her cryo would get from other skills.

Jacks Glitched Com sometimes causes the Digi-Jacks to become Claptraps that dance the enemies to death.

Nisha’s Glitched Com sometimes causes her Showdown to work like when Fragtrap goes duel wield and can’t stop firing, only she still auto-targets everything.

I’m not sure what Athena’s Glitched Com might do as I haven’t tried her yet.

Disclaimer: I have no idea if we’ll get glitched coms, I was just coming up with some ideas I thought might be funny.


Her Aspis becomes a Claptrap plush doll with a purchase link to the GBX store on the back :stuck_out_tongue:


The glitched athena com could make the aspis into a claptrap shield which is thrown like a rubberised grenade (that homes in on people, and spits into three Claptraps which home in on other targets)

The CL4P-SH13LD would also scream in pain whenever it gets shot and say stuff like “I’m leaking”