New console farm! Rejoice!

I don’t know if this has already been discovered and posted elsewhere yet or not, but I accidentally found something about the new mayhem 2.0 tonight.

Apparently a lot of rare spawns will respawn after changing your mayhem and reloading the area. And without the ads. All you have to do is either reroll the modifiers, or change the mayhem level and then apply.

Makes farming some of these guys way more bearable on console with the load times.

Only tested with a handful of enemies but it works with El Dragon Jr, Boreman Nates, Indotyrant, and The Unstoppable.

Did not work with Demoskagins, Captain Traunt, Gigamind, or Hekle/Hyde.

Again forgive me if this has already been discovered. Happy farming!


I think DPJ in Youtube has a video on this.

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Lol, figured it wasn’t something new. Thank you :blush:

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The issue I have with this is that I like very specific modifiers. It took me around an hour of re-rolling to get them and I am not inclined to want to re-roll again.


Don’t actually have to reroll. Your modifiers don’t change when you switch mayhem levels.

Does however mean you need to go down to 9 and back if you’re farming on M10. I’m having plenty of fun on M8, so it’s no big deal kicking up to 9 every other run.

Also mayhem doesn’t matter if you’re farming shields or artifacts.

Well, I just tried going from M10 (with modifiers I spent an hour rolling down) to M1.

When I put the slider back to M10 I do not get the modifiers I had before.

edited. Think my modifiers may have changed since my co-op buddy joined my game. Have read a different thread where this is a ‘thing’ :frowning:

Ouch. I’ve also heard that co-op will compromise the modifiers. If your just playing on your own they won’t change unless you choose to reroll. I did this nonstop for several hours farming unstoppable last night switching from m8 to m9 without issue. Still had my big head and holy crit each time on m8.

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I’m on PS4 and have hosted and joined CoOp without the modifiers changing but I’ll keep an eye out for changes. I have a sweet set on M10 and M8 atm and will not change them without a fight for now.
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