New content from latest update doesn't show up

Hello everyone.
Since I have done the update for Borderlands 3, the new content doesn’t show up in the game. I haven’t the new skill trees and even if I have the first Season pass, I haven’t the new skins too. Anyone know why I haven’t the new content?

Just to be sure, you did buy the Designer’s Cut DLC? Both the new skill trees and the Arms Race mode are part of it and this DLC belongs to Season 2, so season Pass 1 doesn’t include it.

As for the new skins, have you checked both your inbox and the re-spec machine? They are a bit weird in that regard.

Finally, what may or may not help if you have everything that is required and if you did download it is verifying your files. I had a strange bug yesterday where all the DLC stuff got deactivated and verifying helped fix it.

It might also be helpful to know whether you are on Epic or Steam.

Well, I thought the skill trees were for everyone but apparently I was wrong. Then, I’m on Epic and I didn’t thought about verifying files…