New cosmetics anubis head and so on

Does any one know where to get these also what cosmetics does the raid drop got the skin and echo from it googled the heads with no luck

The heads and skins are just for Borderlands Twitch streamers partnered with Gearbox so far. They’re not available yet for the general public.


Dang thanks man appreciate it

They will be added later on, but the release date is unconfirmed.

Does the raid drop any cosmetics outside skins for the echo and characters?

Wotans head room decoration is a raid only drop. If you finish the Takedown in any difficulty, you get a skin for every character (Spec’d Out) and an echo skin (Maliwalkie Talkie) automatically. But other than that, M4 only legendaries, and concerning to skins and other guns, it’s only the world drops as far as I know.

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Damn thanks was hoping for a weapon skin got the echo character and wotons head decoration

That’s all (new) it offers regarding to cosmetics unfortunately :confused:

Yeah feeling like gearbox are going to do the whole season pass thing to make more money ugh

What do you mean by that?

I ment battle pass like fortnight all the AAA companies are doing them now

Well, they haven’t thus far and I recall Pitchford saying there will be no microtransactions in BL3.

If they start introducing I’ll be miffed, if its more than cosmetic I’ll be kicking bl3 into touch.

I don’t know who started this, but there won’t be a battle pass, nor micro transactions.

I would remember what pitchfork said about alien colonial marines before trusting him

Got a recent 2020 reference for that please

@diestocresta Actually, there is a microtransaction like thing if I can call it that, just came to mind. You can get loot for being a Twitch Prime user. There will be 4 bundles, 1st one is already out for a month or two, you get a weapon trinket and 3 golden keys.

Ok - I wouldn’t call them the same. As if like me, you don’t have twitch…you don’t care.

I didn’t had Twitch either until the Echo Cast stuff went live. The guns won there did help me when I started playing and somehow I stuck on Twitch for 2-3 months. Even being a completionist, yep, I did care about everything. Including the cosmetics. But we are all different.

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Not trying to be rude btw sorry just would be comforting to have direct gb statement or something if that makes sence

Sorry for the slow reply. You were not rude. I heard about the rumors with the battle pass thing from one of the Twitch streamers. Actually, there is a guy on Twitch, Mornin’ After Kill (if I remember correctly), who said, that he has a really reliable source that BL3 will get a battle pass. Then after some days, one of the BL3 official Twitch streamers said that there will be NO battle pass or micro transactions. Last year when they revealed BL3 on PAX, I watched the stream from the start until the end live, and I remember clearly Randy saying that there will be no micro transactions. One thing is sure, “I’m just too small” for this rumors, I can only say the things I saw or I heard, but I cannot confirm everything. And if you think about it, BL3 in this form that is existing now (not only because of the bugs), what could that battle pass include? You can farm out basically everything. But there are people who can write more clearly: