New cosmetics in Handsome Jack

So I watched the trailer to Handsome Jackpot and saw there amazing Moze skin + Head.


My question is, where we can get/farm it? I spent around 15 hours on DLC already and didn’t get it from anyone…
Killed every boss at least 20 times.
I’m sad because That skin + Head looks really good but I can’t get it :confused:

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Hmm, I don’t think it’s in the game. I have 26/29 heads. Missing one are NOG Head (bugged), Maliwan head (probably bugged), and the gold one from Jackpot.
Before DLC there was 28 heads in total, with DLC it’s 29.

BTW. are you sure it’s Moze? :smiley:

Perhaps slot machine prizes?

So far the only cosmetics I’ve gotten from kills in the DLC were an emote and a trinket.

Then it’s a false advertising… Sigh…
And this skin is one of the best looking…
Oh well, thanks for answer :frowning:

Yes, I’m sure.
A second before this photo is a show of her back with that “backpack” thing.

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How is it false advertising when they never said you would get the heads/skins of other characters, or more specifically that head? They just said new heads and skins. Even 1 head and skin per character would equate to new heads and skins.

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Dunno, maybe because saying “new heads and skins” and SHOWING new skin + Head?

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Maybe its in your mail? I have a new zane gold skin in my mailbox atm

Nope, it’s not. You got milion dollar skin in mail.

You’ve already done all missions for the mayor/tailor? Considering he gives you skins for the individual tasks, the head sounds like something you might get for completing all of them.

Yup, also farmed those mini bosses too, nothing :confused:
(Already did 100% of DLC)

I just got royal head skin from one of trashlantis mayor target on market district its a named enemies, did not have the time yet to check the cosmetic in sanctuary but im sure its zane with crown that appear in trailer.

One new head and skin for each vault hunter is 4 new heads and skins. So new heads and skins isn’t false advertising. Also just because they show stuff in a trailer is not a promise that you will get it right away, even if a pc is wearing it.

I would guess it is likely in game and everyone had bad luck since I have not seen anybody say they have that skin or it could be bugged like the Nog heads. Either way it does look cool. So if it isn’t bugged I hope you get it soon.

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Only one head was added with the DLC. Check my first post in this topic. So yeah, for me it’s false advertising by showing this skin and head in specific DLC trailer.


I got that same head for Zane as a drop for killing the fat “jerk” during that one side mission. I haven’t done that many of the mayor missions so I hope I get the skins and other heads from doing those. I did two of his fashion kills and got an emote and then a legendary mod. I want them cosmetics.

So far I’ve gotten 2 legendary Moze heads. One dropped from the Mayor target in the wellness area and the other was a reward for killing all the Mayor targets (which is kinda weird considering I wasn’t actually playing as Gunner).

Just remember that the heads/skins count (as well as some heads/skins themselves) were sometimes bugged in previous games as well. With all the bugged numbers with crew challenges, percentage complete, etc., I wouldn’t be surprised if these were affected as well. Might not be the case here but just sayin.

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Which one exaclly?

I’m not exactly sure what the english name is but if you did the one mission where you had to defile the Jack statue, it’s right at the place where the Jack statue is located. On the map next to the Foxxie’s.

It drops Amara legendary Head :wink: