New Current Trade List from xCaliburxxx -

Here is what i still have for trade, almost all anointed - Photos easier, all my trade. Easy to track one post then many

I need any weapons with the anointment ASE 125% Dam to named and bosses, or 50% Damage on next two magazines

Also victory Rush, Infiltrator, Executor and Otto Idols all with OP roles on the stats, all stats for Zane - So DPS, movement, health, etc.

My Gt - xCaliburxxx usually online after 6pm Central - Message me what you need and what your have to offer

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Apologize for the size, a lot of anointed here. Just wanted one post to follow instead of 4.

Message me f you see something you need. You know what i need above
Gt - xCaliburxxx

Interested in(Priority Order):

  • Last Ditch Bloodletter
  • Recurring Hex Rad
  • Transformer with Moze anointment
  • Vicious Infinity
  • Lucian’s Call [Cryo or/and Fire]
  • Holistic The Butcher

I have a lot of Artifacts and Zane mods, will take a look at them and post pics of and hope there are some you are also interested in.

Sure thing, let me know. I will be home this evening after work. I work till 530 PM Central time

My GT is xCaliburxxx
What is yours so i know to look for it

Ok ladies and Gents -
When i get off work i have trades for the following people, if i missed you please call me out.
Bubby Rooster
Stray - If that is not yoour GT send it
M W Motti
Nirantali - Is this your GT?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

You may have told me and i missed it with 8 trades i have to do tonight. If so i apologize.
What is your gt ?

These are what I would be interested in man, by priority. Let me know what you want to trade. I’ll link my list again at the bottom.

The Dictator with SNTNL annointment
Bashing Spirited Infiltrator
Snowdrift Otto Idol
Supergiant Big Boom Blaster with SNTNL annointment
Resonant Back Ham with SNTNL annointment
Auditing Crossroad cryo with ASE 125%
Ice Breaker Otto Idol
The Flood with SNTNL cryo annointment
Burning Flakker with SNTNL annointment
Atom Balm Victory Rush
Masterwork Crossbow

Sure thing man, i will go through this and put it together tonight when i get home. Do you still have the list of things i was looking for, still have any of it?

Gt - xCaliburxxx

What i am interested in -
Laser-Sploder (fire) ---- On ASE 125% weap dmg to bosses, BA, named
Lyuda (fire) ----------------- On ASE 125% weap dmg to bosses, BA, named
Crossroad (caustic) ------- On ASE gain 15% lifesteal
Lucian’s Call (fire) --------- On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus rad dmg
Super Shredifier ----------- On ASE, deal 125% more weapon dmg to BA, Named, and Bosses
Rough Rider --------- On ASE, AS cooldown rate increased by 20%
Storm Front -------------- On AS Start regenerate 1 grenade
MIRV-Tacular Hex (rad)
Spring Epicenter
Any OP otto idoals, Victory rush, executor or infiltrator ods, there is also a rare grenade i do not have, a gravity fire storm

Yep, still have all of it. I’m usually on by 8pm CST and get off around midnight.

GT: ICE Faux Pirate

prefect, me too, and i have like 7 trades to do tonight

Thank you

Got an Annointed Incindiary Crossroad that increases Accuracy and Handling and an Incindiary Cutsman that increases Weapon Dmg. I’m interested in your Annointed Incindiary Flakker (125 dmg to bosses and such) and Annointed Incindiary Lydia.

Sent it via PM to you 6 hours ago.

Also 6pm Central is in 30 mins from now, and 8pm CST is in 2.5 hours from now, so i guess i’m not too late. :wink:

EDIT: I now need to go outer house, I will be back in ~45 mins and post those pics.

If no one claimed the elemental projector, when I get home I’ll let you know what victory rush artifact and Otto idols I have. Hopefully we can make a deal. I need to find an elemental projector.

Thanks man, my GT is Stray2615. I’ll be on for a while from now so if it’s easier to message me or jump in game to see what of mine you’d like for the shield that will work too

Is this an executor mod you’d want?

been trying to add you, what is yoour gt, i have no messages from you and can’t find you on xbox

what is your gt, i cannot add you, and i have no messages from you on xbox

Sorry, it’s Stray2615. Would you like that mod I posted?

I sent it to you in a PM 8 hours ago, also added you on Xbox and now sent a message there.
You are also showed as offline on Xbox currently, but I now go into the game and take the shots.

Alright so here the shots, desc is in german, but shouldn’t matter to see stats I guess, I also numbered them to make it easier to tell which one then.

Also if someone else wants something from, you know what I want.

Everything is gone! And one of them simply vanished, probably fallen through the floor.

Also many thanks to @choskison for giving me everything from my list.