New Current Trade List from xCaliburxxx -

sending soon just got home

Sounds good. I sent over the 3 weapons already. Also sent you a dm on here on which elemental projector.

Well s 90% buff to dam is better than nothing. But who knows. they they screw this up it probably doesn’t even work

Knowing my luck it will be garbage for amara now but oh well. I can still play offline and not get nerfed.


Update, LF
Anointed infinity pistols
Any anointed cryo weapons for Zane
Glory and other non elemental pistols with anointment
Crossroads , Raisins Thorns and Musket with anointment mentioned here
Any weapons with the + 125% to baddies and bosses
A Ruth and Scourge heavy with Zane type anointment, especially + 125% to bosses
A purple Tedidore Shotgun with thrown = 3-4 MIRV with homing

Best regards
Gt - xCaliburxxx

Only gun i have with that anointment. Really intrested in that raid nova berner

Sure thing, i will get it out of the bank for you

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Cool just lmk when your available. No plans on my side for the day.

Updated my Looking for list and my trade list

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Willing to trade this for your ASE shock Lasersploder?

Thank you man. I actually have a similar one. Anything else from my list?


I’ve got adapting ripper - gamma burst active, gain 65% bonus radiation damage
Stark devoted Corrosive 125% to Badass etc
Hostile Bitch Fire ASE weapon damage increase 100%
Stark krakatoa Fire Ase Splash up 125%
Hoarder stop gap Ase regen 5% health
Auditing crossroad Cryo ASE 100 increas weap Damage
Lucians call Fire AsE increas Fire rate and reload

If you need any of those let me know. Those are just what I have in my inventory at the moment while farming, got a lot more in my bank.

Xbox name JoKruAvenger

Hey ,

I’m interested in your :
Lucians call fire anointed
Elemental projector Otto idol
The one with radiation damage , and the other one with assault rifle damage.
The moze class mod : fortified tenacious bloodletter
The one with splash damage smg damage and damage reduction
The zane artifact : treacherous disastrous executor
The one with sniper rifle damage Crit damage and shotgun damage,
Recurring hex anointed
And possible the hive anointed,

You got any of them left ? Let me know and I’ll show you what I got :wink:

Here are the stuff i can trade :
My Xbox name mrbs87
Also I’m still looking for a good Moze flak and siren class mod I don’t know if you found any and are willing to trade.?

image image image image image image image image image image image image

I got a good Moze bloodletter, I am liking that ruthless infinity if that could be traded

Can you show me your class mod ?

Interested in the hostile bitch SMG

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Added more items, more to come tonight -

See my LF list updated yesterday -
Looking for all the anointed Infinity pistols, Warlords, Crossroads, see LF above

Gt - xCaliburxxx

Added new items