New Custom Race Debugging/Creation

I have totally forgotten how to Make a new Race facepalm

could some one re-teach me XD
like all the adding race to list and every thing else!

  • Copy a [racename].lua in the races folder, edit as needed
  • Copy a folder by the same name and edit that as well (Mostly the build and research)
  • Go in the “startingfleets” folder and make a copy there, edit as needed
  • If you have new ship classes to define do so in the familylist.lua

Is there a new update that changes the way races work or did this happen before I even got the game?

This was last month,

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I tried to make the Keepers a playable race but have no idea what to use for a mothership :crying_cat_face:
Any suggestions?

Sajuuk would make the most sense.

The only problem is making docking “holes” in it is impossible with my knowledge of modifying ships themselves. It crashes when you try to make them hyperspace in and people say change the docking family to fix it however I do not know how.

Well ships will default to hyperspacing when they don’t have a docking path to use…so I think it’s something else it’s crashing on.

It seems using Transport in dockfamily makes ships hyperspace in without crashing. Interesting…

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Idk if its me or my mod…but i have everything where it should be…i even pulled apart my old mod and changed some parts of it to make it work!

but as soon as i use my new models and race files it just starts the game with no ships and no error log :confounded:

will send you pics of my script folders n stuff soon so we can figure out why my brain is being so stubborn :smile:

Post a screenshot of what happens when it “crashes” or the no ships problem

There is no crash…the game just starts with no ships and then go to game over

and there is nothing in the error logs :confounded:

Edit: i have checked my startingfleets script file and my race build files and familylist file and every thing is there… :confounded::confounded::confounded:

It sometimes happens with my races ships :cry:

Dont give up hope man…WE WILL GET PAST THIS!

after i come back from a day at Collage XD

What is your mod called?

im calling it OMEGA FLEET (Reborn) i had a mod up before the latest update called Omega Fleet (had 100+subs)

Oh yes… I remember that with the resource probe ect

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You’ve lost your starting fleet script like 3 times now man xD

What happens when your custom build ships don’t show up in the build menu?

Oh that was weird, that post wasnt on the thread I thought it was…derp nvm

Make sure the number assigned to the “button” in the build script of your race is unique