New customization items from Bloody Harvest

First off, this forum is a ■■■■■■■ headache to navigate to post on. Any way, does anybody know where to get the 2 new character heads? I have the 2 that are handed to you automatically, but after killing Haunt 11 times I’ve still not seen a single new head drop. Or did I get screwed out of these heads like the NOG head.

Are there more than 2? If you have seen some more including the FL4K Anubis and Amara’s Legionnaire they are part of the upcoming Spooky Surprise Event.

That may make sense, because I have the “Tuned and Doomed” and “Skull and Domes” but if I remember correctly there were 24 heads before and now there are 28. I’m pretty sure my Fl4k has 25 right now, because the NOG head never unlocked for any of my characters.

Are the 2 you just mentioned drops? If so from who please. Or are they rewards that my game didn’t give to me, hahaha. Thanks for replying by the way.

There are 4 heads already in the game but normal people don’t have access to them yet until the Spooky Surprise Event, one head for each of the characters. Not sure which you could be missing without going through a whole list :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont even have the 2 heads that are handed out to you automatically. Why?

Because nerfbox again released another bugged piece of software crap!

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Because you probably play strictly offline to avoid hotfixes? Those two free heads were part of the Bloody Harvest hotfix, so you only have access to them when playing with hotfixes active.

I agree it sucks that free cosmetics they gave us are linked to a hotfix, but that seems to be how they did it.

No. I am playing online, sadly.

It is bugged. Typical nerfbox update.

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Yeah that really sucks then. Hopefully they fix that.