New dedicated drops: how are they working exactly?

So I haven’t played much since this change happened. I decided to try and farm a Snowdrift Victory Rush and apparently Azalea drops that now so I started farming it. She also drops Rak Commander MOD. When I kill her I never see the Victory Rush and have only seen Rak Commander once. My other kills are either no legendary or just a single random world drop.

Is this how all dedicated drops are working now or do they vary a lot from target to target? I have a few things I wanted to farm and thought it might be easier now but so far doesn’t seem that great. Trying to get an idea of what I’m in for…

They vary from target to target.

Azalea is just a regular Named enemy (not a Badass or a Boss), and she’s easily dispatched, even at Mayhem 10. Given that both her dedicated drops do not scale with Mayhem level, you can farm her without Mayhem on and get the same quality of dedicated drops. Her world drop rate is not impressive so it might not even be worth doing the farm at Mayhem 10.

I killed her 20 times and got 12 legendaries, 5 of which were her dedicated drops (2 Rakk Commander, 3 Victory Rush).

Mayhem 10. Normal. Butt Stallion Milk. 14.99% Luck from Guardian Rank.

Drops Times
0 10
1+ 10
2+ 2
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OK. Thanks for the info. I think I killed her about 20 times as well. I ended up getting 2 Victory Rush that were of course not what I wanted. 2 Rakk Commander that isn’t what anyone ever wanted and about 6 or 7 other items that were just rando garbage. Honestly, not sure if this is any better than killing Gigamind prior to the change.

I only got a chance to farm for about 30 minutes yesterday and went for a Kaoson. I had no problems, it was easily dropping half the time as was a Tankman’s Shield.

I farmed Captain Traunt for a little over an hour yesterday. Dedicated drops were dropping almost every kill, however I was getting WAY more Tankman’s Shield than Kaoson. Probably all due to bad RNG. I still got quite a few Kaoson but didn’t get a single one with a usable anointment for my Amara.

GBX needs to clean out some more anointments like the clone swap reload, status effect chance, <25% health +50% dmg, etc. This is the crap that I was getting.

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is the 300/90 annointment working?

It doesn’t work like it did initially but it’s still pretty good IMO. I still use it, along with some others.

It’s working but they changed how it works so it’s probably only effective on a sniper or launcher type weapon now. I assume that’s what they originally intended.

I’m having the same issue with Azalea. Not even looking for a super specific Victory Rush but I can’t get anything I want and I been farming this for multiple days now. It’s really, really boring and honestly making me want to just play something else. :frowning:

Why does every artifact need to be a “sliding” or “melee” effect? It’s like the sliding/airborne anointments (that they removed) in artifact form.

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I can give you a Snowdrift Victory Rush if you want it.

Hey thanks for the offer. While that was one of the ones I was hoping to get perhaps it wasn’t one of the ones I was focusing on. I was mostly looking for a Flesh Melter with good rolls. I have a level 57 Flesh Melter with pretty good rolls so I’ll probably keep using that until I find an equally good level 60 variant. I actually did get one new Flesh Melter but the rolls were terrible so my 57 version is still better.

That makes me wonder…is there a Radiation or Cryo version of the Flesh Melter or is there just the Atom Balm for Radiation? Ideally I would love a Flesh Melter type Vicitory Rush with either Cryo or Radiation damage but don’t think that is a thing.

If that Snowdrift you have is extra and you don’t need it I would definitely take it. I like having a few of those in different forms and I don’t have any at max level atm. I just feel like Snowdrift is a bit redundant on Zane as I’m already moving around so damn fast.


I too play Zane and find myself usually switching from the Pearl and a Cutpurse Launch Pad when I need ammo. So, I dont really use the Snowdrift Victory Rush at all. Its too good to not be used so I dont mind sending it your way at all.

Me and my RNG.

This new system just doesn’t seem to be working for me. Maybe I just have the worst luck ever. Tried getting a Victory Rush for days…it dropped but never close to the rolls I was looking for so eventually gave up. Now today I try to get a Kaoson. Again…it’s dropping but every. single. one. is kinetic. Not only am I not getting the element I want but I’m not getting any element at all and that doesn’t even consider getting the correct anointment on top of that.

My experience thus far with this system is that it feels like some RNG has been improved by spreading out the dedicated drops but other RNG has been worsened…like they know what we are looking for and made certain parts or item configurations more rare. Probably all just my bad RNG but I’m getting burned out on playing before I can even get any of the items to begin playing and this is just one character. When I think of duplicating this effort across 4 characters it makes me yawn and think of playing something else. Maybe it’s just me.

Like me trying to get a Mitosis Hunter Seeker. I see vanilla HS’s and Cloning HS’s like they are going outta style, yet not a single Mitosis lol

Finally, The Monarch is dropping at least 50% of the time. Still hard to get the shock version, but have all the others with decent annoints now.

Here is a synopsis of me playing BL3. Come up with a build I want to use. Decide on various gear that I need for build. Head out to farm to make my build!

farming to get a Radiation Beacon with SNTL Cryo anoint: farm for hours and never get it. Give up out of boredom.

farming to get a Radiation Flipper with SNTL Cryo anoint: farm for hours on end over days and never get it. Give up and end with a Corrosive Flipper with SNTL Cryo instead.

farming to get an Icebreaker Victory Rush with good rolls: mindlessly farm for days and never get one let alone one with good rolls. Give up and end up with various other Victory Rush artifacts but not the one I’m looking for.

farming to get a Radiation Light Show with SNTL Cryo anoint: mindlessly farm for hours and never get one.

Now bonus loot week is ending and I still haven’t gotten one item that I was looking for. Build going great. Yawn.


It’s sort of amazing. I have killed Azalea probably 300+ times and no Icebreaker. I have also only seen one Last Stand. This is insanity. Also, WTH does Azalea say when she dies? It’s making me nuts not being able to understand what she says. lol.

OK I must have killed Azalea 3-400 times. I just FINALLY got it…

It even has +Rad dmg on it which pairs perfectly with my Rad+SNTL Cryo build. Amazeballzz. I hope I never see Azalea again. Although, I still don’t know WTF she is saying as she dies…monkeeeeeeeeeees? Vorheeeeeeeeeees?

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I killed killavolt 895 times since launch and just today got a urad fire monarch im so glad i never have to fight this boss again.

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It’s such a shame that you are going to have to kill him another 895 times soon, as you will really want that same gun but 3 levels higher, good luck :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: