New dedicated drops: how are they working exactly?

Oh god i forgot they might be a level cap increase hopefuly it will still be usefull.

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Yeah. I actually just came to this realization after spending an entire week farming for things that took ages to drop. Once I realized another level increase is coming I just lost all desire to keep playing. Think I’m just going to take a long break from BL3 until it’s done with levels. I’m already getting burned out and I haven’t even come close to replacing the items from the last level increase. No point in burning myself out further for no reason.

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Is this what gearbox intended you’ve got to kill a boss 800 times to get an item you’re looking for. 800 times sat at the load screen on console what’s the point. Enjoy the item for a couple week before the next cap increase.

This is crazy right? I’ve been going for an unseen threat this week got some with great mele anoints (on a sniper rifle) and anoints for characters I’m not playing. On the bright side only another 700 kills to go.

Its just that monarch drop rate is terrible and the kaoson and sandhawks plaguebearers all the good weapons just dont drop enough and then if they do its not a good anointment with the monarch i got sick of seeing youtubers destoying everything with it so i said to myself i am getting one of these i dont care how long it takes out of all those kills only got 3 good monarchs and one urad god roll thats the problem right there many people would not do this before giving up.Gearbox has to fix this issue for the game to be fun again what good are builds if you cant get the gear you need for the build.